Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses His Cancer Care Monograph

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses His Cancer Care Monograph

Dr. Paul Marik is joining us today to discuss his cancer care monograph. Let’s join him.

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This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only.
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36 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Marik Discusses His Cancer Care Monograph
  1. Are there any studies linking cancer or exacerbation of COVID infections to recent wildfires and smoke conditions? Can you talk about greed of corporations and neglect of infrastructure led to wildfires in California that killed many and how chances are that's what's happening with the Canadian wildfires also? How is the air quality in Cali NYC, Chicago etc? Have you read the book California Burning by Katherine Blunt ?Thank you for what you both do!

  2. That you u 2 cool Dr. Beens. So appreciate you both over the last 3 years. So good to hear open minded and curious Doctors who love to heal others. God bless you both.

  3. Non melanoma skin cancers have gone through the roof in detection because people used to ignore them and now they get them checked. I can go and have seven or eight basal cell. Carcinomas detected every year and if they count that in the numbers it's go sky high

  4. Thank you Prof Marik and Dr Mohbeen for another outstanding lecture. I have used Ivermectin and Chlorine dioxide very successfully in the treatment of cancer.🎉

  5. Valter Longo showed that a fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) immediately before a chemo infusion (to put the body into ketosis) protects normal cells while leaving cancer cells vulnerable to chemo. Consequently, such patients experience greatly lessened chemo side-effects which includes the dreaded "chemo brain."

  6. Thank you Dr. Marik and Dr Mobeen for this wonderful new approach to cancer management; your approach to cancer management could really improve "quality of life" for so many cancer patients ..
    Thank you both, Dr. Marik and Dr. Mobeen for your amazing work

  7. Great synopsis of the metabolic (in particular mitochondrial) therapy and prevention (!!) of cancer! In this field the French Dr. Laurent Schwartz made also great contributions adding to these of Dr. Thomas Seyfried. Like all proponents of the metabolic/mitochondrial therapy Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Seyfried stand in the tradition of Otto Warburg‘s groundbreaking work

  8. No prescription required FOR NOW. The FDA does not want us to have access to alternatives to expensive prescription drugs. The FDA must be completely overhauled. No more fox guarding the hen house.

  9. After all the negative side-effects of chemo…I can't understand why it is still used. I also note the Dr. Marik is quick to go on the record the his recommendations 'of course are not a substitute for chemotherapy'…I speculate because he wants to keep his medical license. Big Pharma is terrified of non-traditional methods that work because they are making squillions of dollars selling us chemo drugs that are hideously expensive and then kill us.

  10. Very important and great discussion.
    Could I ask for yours and Dr.Mariks oppinion on Stem Cell therapy like Purtier?
    I have close contacts where Purtier realy helped against Cancer and Diabetis.

  11. Dr Marik is my Hero!! He is a stalwart and Pillar in the medical community. Thank you for your research and guidance through these trying times.

    Thank you, Dr Bean. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Thankyou dr mobeen and dr paul marik for this wonderful discussion..
    I was requesting dr mobeen to hv a discussion about cancer as a mitochondrial dysregulated and metabolic disease few weeks ago…
    And boom..! here they are..

  13. Dr. Thomas Seyfreid is a very passionate man and fails to understand why they do not change cancer treatment protocols in hospitals.
    There is an actual law in the UK that makes it illegal for anyone to declare they have a cure for cancer. Follow the money.
    Be warned!!! Used as a weapon, a false positive or a false negative can be deadly. Always get a second opinion from a reliable source.

  14. Dr. Marik is held in highest regard by anyone who knows him. I do not have the privilege, I was too shy to introduce myself during the last FLCCC conference which I attended; but Dr. Varon told me that when he is uncertain of what to do, he would call Paul. He is a fantastic doctor and even more – he is a fantastic human being. Despite of his age he is still very young, considering how curious he is. And he is very humble with a great sense of humor, I can testify to that. I think everyone needs to listen to this presentation and share it as widely as possible. 🙂

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