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Make THIS Adjustment To Your Training To Start Seeing PROGRESS Again | Mind Pump 2109

00:00 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Fitness fanatics! You want to boost your gains and progress, cut the volume of your training down by a third!
17:00 Sal reviews the peptide Tesofensine.
25:35 How red-light therapy works and affects sunburns.
28:24 Why the market repurposes drugs.
33:14 Preparing for Max’s 4th birthday party.
43:53 How fast reps can also build muscle.
46:43 Have cravings? Try increasing your sodium intake.
50:04 Shout out to the Founders Podcast.

51:46 #ListenerLive question #1 – How can I start to gain weight again? I’m currently eight months into a three-year bulk and have plateaued.
1:14:52 #ListenerLive question #2 – I need help and do not know where to go from here. I have lost a substantial amount of weight and now have a flat look. I do not know what to do now to look more muscular and better.
1:28:05 #ListenerLive question #3 – How much should I adjust my caloric intake on days when I lift versus swim (if I am prioritizing building muscle and strength)?
1:38:26 #ListenerLive question #4 – I’d love to do something different, and I am wondering if I can take MAPS Anabolic and make it a 25-minute workout/5-6 days a week?

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44 thoughts on “Make THIS Adjustment To Your Training To Start Seeing PROGRESS Again | Mind Pump 2109
  1. This is soo true. I did one bodyweight exercise for each body part three times a week and got much stronger in my push ups, body weight pull ups, rows, planks and pistol squats.
    To me forever when I was in the one of these normal bodybuilding program.

  2. I went from an average hour in the gym. Hitting the weights hard every day. Then 3 weeks ago I started a 12 week Pilates program and my body has responded insanely. I only do it for 10-20 minutes a day. I take an hour walk (not everyday) because I have a desk job and need to walk or I won’t. The body has really responded! These guys know a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two!

  3. The days I don’t make it to the gym I work out at home with lighter weights and focus on tempo and the squeeze, and then move to more body weight work and can almost hand stand. I love having one day a week to change up the programming and a de-load here and there.

  4. I love the shift in fitness from the “no days off” era to learning that sometimes less is more. I’m recovering from the no day off mentality 😅😂 but absolutely know and have experienced more progress in backing down my volume. Thanks for always putting out quality and entertaining content!

  5. 16:19 on my way to look at this book! I know it will be super helpful in my career as a new trainer. I find myself struggling with my program, mainly because all my clients want to do is work hard 😅 (they see the gains and don't want to stop)

  6. I love Hannah’s question! I purchased anabolic and have been putting off starting because I don’t want to go down 3 days a week😂 I’m totally doing this!❤

  7. I’ve recently done this in my workouts and it’s almost revived my body, bringing down the volume and focusing on posture and correct rom has helped my strength tremendously. I’ve played football all my life and I’ve been in fitness for about 7 years training for 4! I love this podcast, thanks for all the knowledge!

  8. Thank you gents. Been doing this 10-day split to alleviate CNS bleed-over to other workouts. This became an issue after years of consistency and I really started noticing SFR interference. So based on this idea, I think I will extend that concept and try out a 15-day split (1 on 2 off) for the rest of my maintenance phase though Sept and see how things go. I think the hidden bonus here is the ability to increase per-workout volume because the recovery-phase is more pronounced.

  9. I was the over training person since I started working out last year. Now after 3 months of just doing 3 full body a day my gains has been UNBELIEVABLE! Even to my ex trainer😅

  10. I have been doing 20+ sets per body parts a week for a few years. But decided to follow anabolic. Just going through the pre-phase (6 sets per week) already show me the title of this video is so true 😂😂

  11. 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a year and a couple of months. took prolly 2 weeks worth of fatigue days, in total, over that year and a couple months period. went from 178 lbs w 30-35 percent body fat to 123.6 lbs w 9.5 percent body fat.

  12. Great timing. I am taking a temp assignment and will be working longer hours. Perfect time to take
    Advantage of this suggestion. I’ve been a regular workout person for a few years. Time to try something different. Thanks

  13. If I had to guess what's optimal assuming your training has the right intensity, I would say every other day so workout then rest rinse and repeat or 3 days a week.

  14. Summed up, relaxed (commented within 24hrs) now let the gains begin! RGB is my ultimate series goal. Have been applying all your lifestyle advice and I’ve already been seeing good changes in my appearance with just my current training 💪 keep up the great episodes, loving each one

  15. This year around Feb I started working out 4 days a week, maybe 30 minutes if that, with a random one mile run on off days. My wife made fun of me, that I was only in the garage 15 to 30 minutes. After three weeks she started seeing results and wanted to join me for my workouts. She wanted to workout 6 days a week, because of course if we’re seeing results with 4 days, 6 would be better. 🤦🏻‍♂️ she didn’t last long. I bought MAPs anabolic last week and will be doing that with her. We’ll see the results in 11 weeks. After that, we’ll check out MAPS 15 minute in the fall.

  16. Enjoying this Chanel so much. Came across it by pure chance and it’s now my favourite Chanel on u tube! Full of great information and advice and always really interesting topics. Sal’s book is also so easy to read, and packed full of helpful tips. I really appreciate all the work that goes into the Chanel from all the guys involved 👌

  17. I’ve been working out over 7 years for my mentality, the gains are just a bonus! This is SO me! I know I tend to over train bc I’ll always be sore and my hip will be killing me. Butttt I feel terrible when I skip workouts. It’s something I struggle with for sure. It’s nice to hear someone talk about this.

  18. I love how you guys take live callers I learn so much from each persons question it’s absolutely unreal!!
    I will be a live caller one day 😅😊

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