Thursday, September 21, 2023
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A Longevity Expert’s Review Of “Taurine Deficiency As a Driver Of Aging” | Prof Joseph Baur

In this video we talk to Dr Baur who wrote a perspective paper in the same issue of Science as the recent paper on taurine : “Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging”
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00:00 Extending lifespan
01:40 Compared to rapamycin
02:10 Dosage
03:30 What extended lifespan?
05:20 Taurine as an antioxidant
08:10 CR or not
11:50 Taurine declines with age
14:50 Potential risks

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Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging
Taurine linked with healthy aging

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23 thoughts on “A Longevity Expert’s Review Of “Taurine Deficiency As a Driver Of Aging” | Prof Joseph Baur
  1. NOW Taurine 1g 250 Caps – 5% discount with link, NEW20 code 20% discount for new customers

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  2. This is a great interview. Thank you! You touched on bone structure which reminded me about reading about Taurine and calcium. Here's a summary of how Taurine affects calcium in the body. I was interested in this because I had a stroke after taking 8 Tums over 2 hours, which contain a lot (over max) of Ca. Of course, my theory has been shot down by Neurologists. Their "diagnosis" is that it was "Cryptogenic", which means they don't know. I was exploring all possible root causes, because that's what I do when experts tell me they "don't know".

    Calcium homeostasis: Taurine helps maintain calcium homeostasis, which is the balance of calcium levels in the body. It promotes the proper uptake, release, and storage of calcium within cells, contributing to the overall regulation of calcium levels.

    Calcium transport: Taurine is involved in the transport of calcium across cell membranes. It helps facilitate the movement of calcium ions into and out of cells, ensuring that calcium is properly distributed and utilized within the body.

    Calcium signaling: Taurine participates in calcium signaling, which is the process by which cells communicate and transmit signals through calcium ions. Taurine can modulate the influx and release of calcium ions in response to various cellular signals, thereby affecting cell function and signaling pathways.

    Muscle function: Taurine is particularly relevant to muscle function, including cardiac muscle. It has been shown to enhance calcium handling in cardiac muscle cells, which contributes to the regulation of heart contractions and overall cardiac function.

  3. Excellent information Dr Baur, thank you so much, a pleasure. I especially appreciate in general your framing of the broader perspective and ancillary issues as well as the relative importance of results. Also you are very concise and effective with the most relevant information.

  4. Has anyone looked into “additivity” of supplements believed to increase healthspan/lifespan? For example, if Metformin adds 2 years, NMN adds 5 years and Taurine adds 6 years, do we get 13 years or the maximum, which is 6 years?

  5. I would like to know how much all these supplements cost per month for you to take. The longevity field is interesting but as humans we do have to eat some real food that would help us be healthier. Most people would not be able to afford this. Maybe you could do a video on the top 10 supplements that would help with longevity and general health. Thanks for all the exceptional guests and information you provide.

  6. @ModernHealthspan Great interview. It is fun to think about something as important as this on the cutting edge of research. Richard, did he call you “Professor” at the end? Are you a professor? It would not surprise me!

  7. On testing your taurine levels – In the US Labcorp provides a test for plasma amino acids which includes Taurine (roughly $100). Seems a reasonable thing to do to help bring one's levels to youthful levels with the correct amount of supplementation. I've been taking 500 mg/d taurine for a decade for vascular reasons and because I eat very little animal protein (a bit of fish). In my late 60s now, and plan to have this testing done then step up taurine as needed to get to levels of 20 to 30 yo. Amino acid profile provides other useful data such as leucine and isoleucine and methionine levels all of which might pay a role in aging and health.

  8. I hope you release a "what ive learnt since 2022" video.
    E.g. things you've changed the amount or timing of.
    Things youve started or stopped
    (Diet, TRE etc)

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