Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Aging, exercise and muscle mitochondrial energetics with Dr Paul Coen

Dr Glenn McConell chats with Dr Paul Cohen from Translational Research Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes, AdventHealth Orlando, Florida, USA. He has a very strong track record of research examining muscle mitochondria in health and disease and in particular the effects of exercise in attenuating the reductions in mitochondrial function with age. A very interesting chat. Twitter: @CoenPM

0:00. Introduction/Paul’s exercise research training
3:10. Exercise, aging and inflammation markers etc
5:55. Bret Goodpaster/Advent Health
8:53. Muscle mitochondria functions
10:15. Mitochondria: energetics, function, biogenesis
13:11. Effects of aging on mitochondria
16:15. Mitochondria energetics, VO2 max and muscle power with age
22:30. Isolated mito vs fibers vs in vivo measures of mito
24:52. Changes with aging per se vs inactivity with aging
28:40. Can mimic exercise using isolated mito measures?
32:03. Time course of mito changes with age vs physical activity
34:00. Is walking enough to maintain mitochondrial volume etc?
35:40. The body and the response to exercise is very integrative
37:25. Lipids in muscle and mitochondrial function
39:00. Subcellular vs intramyofibullar mitochondria
42:55. Mitochondrial energetics and mobility as age etc
44:45. Medications vs exercise
46:08. Aging, mitochondria respiration and leg power
47:40. Aging, mitochondrial energetics and fatigue
49:10. Sex differences in mitochondrial energetics
50:25. Aging vs physical inactivity with aging
52:00. Aging, mitochondria, gait speed and mortality
54:08. If do one thing best to do aerobic or weight training?
56:12. The best exercise is the exercise that people will do
56:10. Social interaction
57:20. Exercise for health span vs life span/“Stop aging”
1:00:12. Healthy aging when have a well managed disease?
1:01:52. Markers of healthy aging
1:03:05. Inherited and acquired mito DNA sequence variations
1:06:10. Nitrate supplementation, mitochondria and aging
1:09:05. Bed rest, diabetes, muscle mass and mitochondrial
1:13:15. Takeaway messages
1:14:43. Links between mitochondrial function and insulin sensitivity?
1:18:43. Outro (9 seconds)

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He has published over 120 peer reviewed journal articles and recently edited an Exercise Metabolism eBook written by world experts on 17 different topics (

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  1. how does oxygenation factor into this? It's reduction and associated mechanisms, and reverse. How dl they effect the mitochondria

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