Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Taurine – a supplement for longevity?

Today we’ll spill the T on taurine. You’ll learn that it is an unusual Amino-acid, that is Used not for proteins but has other Responsibilities. From their we’ll look at this recent INvestigation that found taurine supplementation Extended lifespan in some models and delays aging.

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Intro – 00:00
What is taurine – 00:30
Taurine and aging – 03:25
Thoughts – 07:00

https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-023-01910-4 – Taurine supplement makes animals live longer — what it means for people is unclear
Taurine linked with healthy aging – https://doi.org/10.1126/science.adi3025
Taurine deficiency as a driver of aging – https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abn9257
Taurine, energy drinks, and neuroendocrine effects – https://doi.org/10.3949/ccjm.83a.15050

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20 thoughts on “Taurine – a supplement for longevity?
  1. It's the same story as NAD. NAD levels decline up to 80% with age, so will supplementing it back to normal levels improve an old person's health? It makes sense, but without knowing cause and effect relationships, it's hard to know whether we're treating a symptom or the problem itself. Vegetarians might want to think about this, though.

  2. Agonism of the GABA and Glycine receptors. This is something that vegetarian and vegan epileptics should take note of. This receptor is used as a target for epileptic drugs to calm the nervous system. A vegan or vegetarian diet that is lower is amino acids carries a higher risk of seizure instability

  3. Taurine is in food, couldn't we just eat foods? why do we have to think supplements all the time? the industry is unregulated. always better to eat food sources of nutrients surely.

  4. I got interested in it in relation to longevity after seeing a study hypothesizing one of the reasons the Japanese live longer and healthier as they have the highest dietary intake on average in the world. I have heightened endogenous production and supplementing it makes me feel off.

  5. Per the recommendation of another commenter on YouTube, I started taking taurine at night some months ago to help me sleep. And it does.

  6. Vegans don't eat Taurine and live longer according to human studies. Both epidemiology(Adventist studies) and in shorter controlled trials measuring biomarkers.

    The data shows at worst no difference and at best 22 years longer. The totality of evidence indicates that vegans can expect to live around 10 years longer(unless your a junkfood vegan).

    Does this disprove Taurine extending life? No but its interesting

  7. Why is it considered to be an amino acid. It has the amine group but lacks the carboxylic acid functional group. I wonder if it would be better classified as an amine. The fact that serum levels of it decline with age, may not be a problem. Perhaps they are stored there and withdrawn into the cells where they are actually needed.

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