Friday, September 22, 2023
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Fasting Against Cancer | Dr. Mindy & Maggie Jones

Welcome to Episode 184 with @drmindypelz and Maggie Jones @cancerVme

In this podcast, “Fasting as a Powerful Ally against Cancer”, we cover:
↻ The Power of Lifestyle Changes in Healing
↻ Unlocking Cellular Healing: Fasting, Ketosis, and Cancer Remission
↻ Embracing Holistic Healing: The Role of Gut Health and Sleep in Recovery
↻ Breaking Barriers and Embracing Integrative Healing Approaches

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16 thoughts on “Fasting Against Cancer | Dr. Mindy & Maggie Jones
  1. Dear Dr Mindy What have you discovered regarding fasting and the healing osteoporosis? I fast easily but by doing this am I at risk to worsten my condition?

  2. You would not know how value your health is until you’re fighting for it, so why waiting until then?
    You need a healthy gut to have a healthy brain, with a healthy brain function, make better choice, a happy life, and longevity. I eat the foods that love me back. Also I always asked myself, is this food going to hurt me? For example, sashimi Salmon at the restaurant, salmon is the best fish ( omega-3 fatty acids ) to eat if it’s a wild caught, however, is it a wild caught salmon or farm raised? The answer is of course, Farm raised. Tuna , sashimi is wild caught, big fish have a lot of mercury, so it would damage my brain.
    Mackerel is a fatty fish, great fish to eat, however what do the restaurants use for oils? Of course, omega 6 oil ( vegetables, canola, soy, etc) and also farm raised Mackerel. ( pro inflammatory). If the body works right, the brain works right.
    When the brain works right, all aspect in life works right, such as health, financial, relationships, prosperous, and longevity. 😊

    Ppl want better brains❤, see Amenclinic.

  3. If C isn't a genetic disease and is instead metabolic dysfunction, do I really need to get mammograms every year now simply bc my sister had breast cancer? Ever since she had it, my doctor is more concerned about my mammogram habits.

  4. All I can say to you all is thank you so much and thank you to YouTube for this platform that is bringing health and healing to the world

  5. I ended up with a super rare non hereditary cancer. Non hodgekin lymphoma tcell ALCL alk negative. I always ate clean all homemade, never ate out, read labels, food allergies, gluten free, no lactose, never took vitamins, intermittent fasting 14 to 20 hours even when I was already having the rare cancer symptoms. Never drank anything but water, and caffeine free tea. I'd walk 10k to 15k steps a day. I was hospitalized for 4 months and almost didn't make it. I have a fantastic oncologist and he said there is no evidence fasting helps kill cancer cells, but I did receive great nutrition with my chemo especially since I was only able to move my neck and had a feeding tube. I learned to enjoy food lots of carbs and for the first time have m&m's. I now do IF to remove the weight 12 lbs. due to steroids and induced menopause which doctor wanted me to eat to gain weight since I was under weight after chemo. I still eat clean and walk, but will enjoy french bread, homemade flour tortillas, and zeevia on occasion. After finishing chemotherapy treatments, I ate everything even during chemo. I had pastries and yes, I relapsed within 6 weeks, but it's the aggressive type of cancer. However, I still have great energy and IF gives me all the energy during the day and continue to cook at home with organic home grown veggies. Just started to IF in April again and it feels great, but the weight still crept on.

  6. struggling so hard, doin all the things I think, and just came off a 24 hr fast last night did a 36 last week broke the fast with broth ,kamboucha, and sardines ( normally very sensitive to veggies so eat mostly animal based) today had major anxiiety and no weight moving, if anyone has any help would be so grateful thanks so much in advance (Post Mena) so encouraging to hear so many are having so much success! Thank you for all the great info you share!💛

  7. Thank you for such informative podcasts. I'm currently going through a process to hopefully rule out endometrial cancer and this conversation has put me back onto a ketogenic diet along with fasting. I needed to hear this!!! Many thanks.

  8. Thank you very much.
    I totally believe IF can cure cancer. I got COVID 2021 and dokter found some problems in my liver and heart at 41 years. As soon as I discharged from the hospital, I started google at liver problems. I come crossed with Dr. Eric and IF. After a year, one day, I had one side vision lost for a couple of hours, dokter thought I had a stroke. At the same time, I diagnosed chronic back pain and disformations of joins of my fingers.
    After all this, I changed my daily routine completely.
    I started healing by eating healthy and positive mindsets.
    The only problem with me is having healthy sleep regularly, being a registered nurse having a night shift.

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