Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Reactivated Latent Viruses in Long Covid and ME/CFS | With Dr Bhupesh Prusty

In first of a series of three videos, Dr Asad Khan and I talk to virologist Dr Bhupesh Prusty about the latest research that shows how reactivated latent viruses can cause havoc at cellular level in both ME/CFS and Long Covid.

The content does get quite technical at times – if it starts to melt your brain, there is a digested summary at the end.

Supporting resources:

Latest pre-print:

Herpesviruses, Messed Up Mitochondria and a Biomarker for ME/CFS and Long COVID:

Tissue specific signature of HHV-6 in ME/CFS

Chronic viral infections in ME/CFS:

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The Long Covid Handbook (Feb 2023) by Gez Medinger & Professor Danny Altmann (and published by Penguin Books) is now available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. A singular resource that brings together everything patients, clinicians and academics have learnt about the condition to date, as well as lessons from sufferers and researchers of ME/CFS and other chronic conditions. It offers world leading expert advice on understanding, managing and treating Long Covid. It is available from the following links.




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36 thoughts on “Reactivated Latent Viruses in Long Covid and ME/CFS | With Dr Bhupesh Prusty
  1. 🙄 wait for 2 more weeks and we can show you how to treat these issues we just talked about! Like your videos Gez, but you should release these all at once if you have a series. Obviously they are all recorded and you don’t make too many edits to them.

  2. This makes a lot of sense to me. My mitochondrial tests show Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Complex numbers that are below normal and significantly below normal (MitoSwab Test).

    My neurologist said she sees similar Mitochondrial test results with her patients with CFS/ME.

    I’m looking forward to your next films. Thank you for all you do for the long covid community.

  3. There's an important preprint out about herpesviruses: "Causal evidence that herpes zoster vaccination prevents a proportion of dementia cases" – "corresponding to a 19.9% relative reduction in the occurrence of dementia" (over a 7-year period). That may also help with long covid as well. Preprint is up on medrxiv and is based on data from Wales, where everyone born before a certain date could not get the shingles vaccine, but people born after that date could.

  4. The virus entered the brain, and controlled the neuro functions resulting less organs functions the immune system reacted by producing more t cells resulting mass inflammation,.build up,if doctors can find away to rid the brain cells membrane of this viral residue we all would be ok again.

  5. at 4:37, can you look into the mucosal in the interstitial fluid ? possibly by aspirating a syringe intramuscular looking into the fluid drawn into the needle until blood is found

  6. Reactivation of herpesviruses and possibly other viruses is exactly what I've told my MDs for over 35 years now. After all, monoucleosis is the virus that I never recovered from and made my life to a pure hell. It all started + 35 years ago, but I was undiagnosed for over 18 years until I finally found someone who could diagnose me with ME/cfs. Extremly pain has been the worst of all to deal with, in addition to +100 other symptoms. Really hope they can help us soon no matter what type of virus or other pathogen who maintain this 'hell of a sickness'. I gave up any recovery thoughts decades ago. 💔But I do hope from my heart that people all over the world soon can get some proper and serious medicines asap. against this nasty disease.😢

  7. This is huge!! Big step forward made in uncovering the mystery. 11 years of ME/CFS and I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel. So many doctors told me I had psychological issues because they couldn't detect anything in my blood and this is why…

  8. Makes sense. After a mild infection I just went on doing intense traveling through Latin America, was running, living life in the fast lane. 6 months later a walk to the shop was a big day out lol. Seeing improvements though, my world is slowly getting bigger.

  9. I wish someone would do some research about why cognitive problems get better after reinfection – it's not just me, apparently lots of others experienced that too!

  10. Brilliant thanks Gez.. makes sense this does. Perhaps this would explain why over time some people get better due to cells dying and reproducing? I’ve read of people with me/CFS and long covid now, get better after 3yrs or more 🤔

  11. I hope other scientists ( not just ME/CFS or LC researchers ) will see this, take notice and offer support for the investigation of this avenue of inquiry.

  12. In December 2019 i had a mysterious virus that only gave severe hot snd cold fever.. after 2 weeks recovered, but i noticed every few weeks i would feel very cold shiver for a day or two then return to normal. Then in march 2020 i got infected by covid and recovered after 2 weeks and was then left with long covid .

    The first mysterious virus was more severe in terms of pain and fever, but covid caused while infected more mental anxiety dir fear and isolation and severe gut issues unable to eat and losing weight and everything smelling food related smelling disgusting 🤢

    I alwaye suspected the virus was lingering and hiding somewhere. Could the December 2019 mystery virus been covid too? However it iy affected not my lungs at all , no cough , np sore throat, runny nose etc yet my urine loocked darker despite drinking lots . I saw in the news about covid in December 2019 and China… So that thought crossed my mind ..but i didn't believe it.

    May God help us all

  13. Since Covid I have often herpes simplex on my skin (not on my lips, as before). It's no Zoster (ruled out). Every time it makes me bedridden for weeks. I was tested PCR HHV-7 positive in my blood and HHV-6 in my heartmuscle.

    With the herpes simplex, Valaciclovir oral for month was very helpful to suppress (see also paper from Prof. Scheibenbogen, it is [off label] recommended if it occurs often/severe ).

  14. Thanks so much for this video, yet again. I’m not sure if I have LC, mainly because I have Cfs prior to COVID infections, but this video makes me feel like we’re finally getting somewhere with mecfs. I’ve been using the ANS rewire program from CFS unravelled, and I have been improving. Slowly, but improvements nonetheless.

  15. I'm so glad you summarised at the end because it all sounds like technical mumbo jumbo to me. Localised virus seems very likely and the reactivation also when comparing to my symptoms

  16. Interesting. I used to suffer from warts on my fingers; mainly around my finger nails, when i was a child. I was about 11/12 years old. They cleared up during the first stages of puberty and I have not had any warts since then. Not until long covid kicked in; after contracting the covid virus in March 2020. With too many to mention, numerous and weird symptoms during this 3 year journey of long covid, this has reminded me that warts started to appear in the first year. I had been curious to know why, maybe this is the reason why?

  17. So interesting. Before covid I was trying to find out why I was always fatigued. Mild cronic fatigue- so many blood tests! And got EBV test- which is sort of unhelpful as it can’t tell you when it was active. Medical Medium (I read widely and don’t buy in to everything!) states a lot of unwellness comes back to the body holding EBV. Looks like they were onto something…

    Also interesting in my case, I reacted to the vax in Sept 21… very weird (and scary) leg pains, but I ‘got better’. This year one month ago I pushed my energy levels (pushed past my threshold)and I had gentle leg manipulation and boom leg pains back with a vengeance. It’s like I’ve released the spot the spike proteins have been hiding out. (I never got the leg pains with actual covid illness) And inflammation is high again.

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  19. The damage from to the mitochondria by the virus RNA is NOT the most important factor.

    It is far more important that the "standard american diet" with too much sugar, too much plants and too little meat and animal food causes a damage to the mitochondria by itself. Especially sugar (sucrose/fructose) is a very serious factor as eating sugar leads to hyperinsulinaemia which in turn switches off mitophagy (which would enable the mitochondria to regenerate). Also, high insulin causes mitochondria to be less uncoupled, smaller und more fragmented (less fission). Of course, this makes mitochondria much more susceptible to further damage.

    There are on the other hand some interventions which should be considered when treating long-covid / ME/CFS, which are known to increase the mitophagy, mitochondrial genesis and fission. Those interventions are: prolonged or even short term / periodic fasting, ketogenic / carnivore diets, physical activity.

  20. Gez, i so look forward to your greatly enlightening interviews, and this one is so compelling. Wanted to reach out to you for a research topic that was briefly covered in your book. What is the best way to reach you, please?

  21. I think I have had long covid. I got covid in Nov 2019. I had tachycardia, sinus pain, tinnitus, joint pain, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure and depression.
    I had topol and fleucanaid heart pills.
    I have replaced the heart pills. Loads of side affects. With Hawthorn and Ashgwandha. I take b1, b6. Zinc. Iodine and selenium. The virus knackered my thyroid. Today I found out coffee puts my b.p. sky high!?
    I have taken Magnseium tartrate for b.p. Works. The thing is, after each Moderna jab, a symptom dissappeared. It put me in bed for a week, but it significantly improved the symptoms each time of the 4 jabs. Final jab was Pfizer bi valent. Jesus. That is strong. I can walk 10klms now. Only collapse from chronic fatigue about once a week and I have lost 2 kgs in a week. I hope this helps some one. Love from Downunder. Stress, hard exercise, alchohol still trigger the arrythymia btw.

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