Friday, September 29, 2023
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Scientist & Bluelene founder on the profound anti-aging effects of methylene blue

In this week’s video I’m talking to Dr Kan Cao who, when researching the potential of chemical antioxidant methylene blue for treating an accelerated aging condition, discovered its benefits for our skin, including UV protection and prolonging the life of skin cells.
She has since founded the Bluelene skincare company which offers a range of methylene blue-based products.
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Research paper: The anti-aging potential of methylene blue in skincare

00:00 Intro
01:55 Dr Cao’s background and why she was working with methylene blue
05:23 How does methylene blue work in our skin?
09:37 What results could the average user expect to see?
11:35 Methylene blue v retinoids
16:20 Methylene blue as a sunscreen
22:30 Safety

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23 thoughts on “Scientist & Bluelene founder on the profound anti-aging effects of methylene blue
  1. Just because we are told to use retinol does not make it right. Think about what we‘be been told- low fat, low sugar – now we know the truth. Oh, and we were told in the 50s that smoking was good. I’ll believe Dr. Cao.

  2. I have used this product and can’t honestly say that I’ve seen a difference in my skin. I also asked for before and after photos but never received any. The product also has an off putting fragrance.

  3. Great discussion.

    I think you and ClaudiaGlows are the only two skincare channels I bother to keep up with these days – you both have a knack for getting to the heart of all these treatments.

    I have some reservations about the methodology of the paper, however I’ll be excited to see a clinical trial showing an improvement in skin ageing.

  4. Very interesting video!
    Shouldn't we use retinoids some months just to renew our skin cells and then take a break ?
    And then use something protective, that make our cells live longer, instead of pushing them to renew whereas they are perfectly fine?
    I'm testing Age Proteom from Esthederm, have you heard about this new approach of anti-aging? 😊

  5. Clare are you still using Future renew by no.7? I have the night cream but have not gotten the serum yet and if you are, how are you incorporating it ?Plus what skincare are you using from MB? I will def be purchasing some.

  6. You are truly the BEST!!! Methylyne Blue ha been on my mind for sometime now & this is really something to try. Thank you sooooo much, Clare.

  7. Hi Clare. I love your excellent content thank you! 🎉 I notice that in your latest routine you’re using an LED light for your eyes – have you stopped using Evensky Venus? I was thinking of purchasing the Venus to help with dry eye and under eye darkness, but also worry the heat will cause fat loss. I’d appreciate your thoughts if you have time to reply. Many thanks 🙂

  8. Thank you Claire methylene blue is interesting and i have been thinking of trying it since Claudia spoke about it. I see the serum does contain essential oils which i try to avoid as i have sensitive skin. Have you heard of a skin product called plated. It uses stem cells from human platelets rather than from fat or placenta,like calecim. I have used calecim for about 18 months and i like it but i was alarmed to find out that using the same original tissue sample and multiplying it over and over in the lab can cause mutations in its dna. I would love some clarification on this as this claim was made by the dermatologists involved with the platelet skincare line.

  9. Just ordered the pharmaceutical grade 1% Meth Blue.. nervous to try it ( I don’t take any meds at all ) But I heard it might be worth trying internally ( carefully) .. good to know i can possibly add it to skincare 😊

  10. I added MB to my skincare about a month ago. I bought it for a sore throat to gargle with when I had a sinus infection that just wasn't leaving. It would immediately end the sore throat for a half day at a time. Then I had so much left that I added it to my facial spritz that I use before microcurrent. I can't isolate any effects from it on my skin but it's just in the spritz now so no effort to continue including it.

  11. This is a fantastic interview. Oxybenzone actually disrupts hormones! They say 'it may' interfere with metabolism, thryoid function, and many other processes that are regulated by hormones. It has been detected not only in urine, but also in breastmilk, blood, and amniotic fluid! I for one refuse to take any chances with – "it may cause". 'It may' to me means it does, they just don't want to hurt the bottom line. How many products have this ingredient?
    Especially when there are several other, including purely organic options available – we should not put our health in jeapordy.
    Thank you for this!

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