Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Social Acceptance & Wellness w/ Dr.G | Foods For Better Mood w/ Dr. Uma Naidoo | Heal Thy Self Ep217

Knowledge Bomb:

Dr. G gets to the root of social acceptance and rejection, and how we’ve evolved to depend on social interaction and acceptance by our peers. Social interaction plays a role in our overall health, mental and physical, and what we can do to fulfill these needs in a healthy and positive way.

00:00 – Is some of the most healing food, right in our pantry?

00:42 – Intro w/ Dr. G

3:23 – Knowledge Bomb w/ Dr. G

4:00 – How our brains perceive social rejection

4:45 – Social acceptance for survival

6:05 – Acceptance satisfies multiple biological programs

7:00 – CALM APP Ad

9:25 – Mitopure Ad

11:20 – Social rejection and pain

13:30 – Health effects of social rejection

16:00 – Physical pain associated with social rejection

16:40 – How do we create more community?

19:00 – Finding your people by being yourself

Special Guest Segment:

Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard trained psychiatrist, professional chef graduating with her culinary schools’ most coveted award, and a trained Nutrition Specialist. Her work focuses on how nutrition impacts our mental health, and she is visiting the show to give us all the info on how to eat for an overall better you.

20:00 – Introducing Dr. Uma Naidoo

22:25 – The importance of spices

24:00 – Spicy foods as medicine

27:00 – Uses of Saffron

28:00 – What are some of the biggest pillars that are leading to people’s sickness?

30:00 – Foods and Mental Health

33:45 – Cell phones and mental health

37:00 – Brain inflammation from social isolation

39:00 – Using social media positively

40:00 – How important is having human connection for our mental health?

41:45 – Accessible Nutrition

42:40 – Prebiotic/Probiotics

46:00 – Berries

48:00 – Functional Mushrooms

49:20 – Dark Chocolate

51:00 – Causes of Depression

55:00 – Art therapy

56:00 – The dangers of sugar

1:00:30 – Pesticides and our bodies

1:03:30 – Dehydration and mental health

1:05:00 – Forest bathing

1:09:00 – Dr. Uma Naidoo’s book



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