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Mitochondrial Health

The Problem with Modern Diet and Health, and How to Fix It!

Live event in Albury, NSW – REGENERATE Albury!

Join us on August 6th in Albury, NSW for a holistic health summit combining carnivore, regenerative farming and quantum health.

In this video Dr. Anthony Chaffee, Dr. Max Gulhane, Dr. Jalal Khan and farmer Jacob Wolki give you a teaser into what they will be speaking about at REGENERATE Albury.

From around the 10-minute mark the guys riff on the causes of modern disease and dig into the root causes of most people’s disastrous health today.

What’s happening at REGENERATE Albury:

1. Four leading voices in the fight against modern disease will be presenting followed by a Q&A session.
2. We will be feasting together on local grass finished beef raised by Jacob at Wolki Farm.
3. We will be making new connections and strengthening our ties in the health community. You will shake a farmer’s hand!

Bonus: Your ticket includes a free guided tour of Wolki Farm with farmer Jacob Wolki on the morning of Saturday 5th of August. Plus, there’s an optional communal dinner happening on the Saturday evening at a local restaurant. So make a weekend of it!

Why is the event held in Albury?

The root of modern disease lies in our disconnection from the origins of our food. We’re getting back to nature where the air is crisp and there’s time and space to reconnect with the land and each other.

If health, regenerative agriculture and forming strong connections are important to you then you will love REGENERATE. Grab a ticket now. See you there!

Purchase your tickets here:

Learn more about the speakers:

Dr Anthony Chaffee – practicing Neurosurgical registrar, Plant Free MD Podcast, former professional rugby player and longtime adherent and advocate of the Carnivore diet.

Dr Max Gulhane – practicing GP registrar, host of the Regenerative Health Podcast, advocate of holistic approaches to optimizing health and reversing metabolic diseases.

Dr Jalal Khan – practicing dentist, Quantum health clinician with an interest in root-cause solutions to modern health challenges and optimizing pediatric facial development.

Jake Wolki – regenerative farmer, entrepreneur, operator of Wolki Farm. Jake has pioneered regenerative farming in the Albury area and the highly exotic, highly functional Nguni cow.

The MC of the event will be Simon Lewis, of the How To Carnivore Podcast.

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21 thoughts on “The Problem with Modern Diet and Health, and How to Fix It!
  1. Thank you for this, I look forward to others. I have friends and family members who insist that cattle are destroying this Earth and have watched and believe every vegan movie and that's fine, but what saddens me is when those same people are suffering from symptoms and conditions especially mental health, skin, autoimmune and digestive issues, that could be improved by the carnivore diet but they won't even consider that it's some of the foods that they're eating all the time in large consumptions , that could be other than the dairy for them. We grew up on homegrown, or local and seasonal fruits and vegetables only in a time when our soil was good ,but I think there's this misconception that if a fruit or vegetable is organic that it's good but my understanding is it just means it's doesn't have pesticides but all the other things that are naturally in them are still there and then whatever the process is to get them here from wherever that fruit or vegetable was in season but not ripe yet like mangoes in December. And not all people are sensitive to those things, but some have conditions and symptoms that would benefit from and limiting or eliminating. And like somebody said just because you put vitamin C in a Coke, it doesn't make that coke healthy. For an example I personally don't want or need fiber or oxalates and I'm not going to eat that food item because of a nutrient that I am not lacking .

  2. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!

    The way to encourage vegans to eat animals is to TREAT THE ANIMALS HUMANELY and subsidize/enforce regenerative farming.

    I’m carnivore, and I would REALLY pay twice as much for meat if it came from a cruelty-free regenerative farm. Maybe I’d even pay 3x as much.

    Please tell us how to support cruelty-free and regenerative farming.
    Are there any lobbyist groups or other influencers pushing this agenda forward.

    I’m blessed to be able to support local farmers here in Oregon, but I would do more – and at a higher level – if someone could show me the way.

    I belong to The Nutrition Coalition, and I write letters to my representatives on nutritional issues as TNC advises.
    TNC does a great job getting nutrition information to the Us Congress (like the whole milk for healthy kids act), but I would like to do more to support cruelty-free and regenerative farming legislation.

  3. Safe to start Carnivore (Lion – Beef and water) the day after surgery?

    Any vitamins and minerals you'd recommend taking while doing carnivore?

    What do you think about taking AG1 (Athletic Greens) while doing this?

  4. I watched Barb O Neil. She says plants burn 80 percent clean meat 48 percent. With the meat waste acidic causing cancer. What are your thoughts. Trying to be confident with the red meat. Also another Dr said chicken and fish same make up DNA human. Beef not in our DNA. Accumulate some 5 number dangerous tumor marker.

  5. Omg I would sooo love to go to this. But I’m committed to visiting my Mum in Victoria for her birthday as she’s recently had a series of heart attacks. She’s a vaccinated Type 1 Diabetic.
    I’m expecting flack from my medical family (nurses everywhere) about my now 10 weeks in carnivore diet. 😂
    I would love to attend this conference & meet Dr Anthony Chaffee and the other speakers. I hope this becomes an ANNUAL conference!!

  6. So my heart has been destroyed from a decade of non stop smoking . I feel like any day now I could have a heart attack . I’ve stopped smoking but I’m still extremely sensitive . I’ve noticed that my heart feels like it’s going to collapse when I cook meat at high temperatures, probably from oxidized fat and cholesterol . I think I need to start boiling my meat or eating it as raw as possible to heal my heart. I tried eating fruit and my heart felt even worse like it was on fire . I’m pretty worried I’m gunna have a heart attack any day now and I’m only 24 . I’ll try cooking my meat in water and see if that helps . Just sharing my experience .

  7. Unfortunately not able to attend the conference..
    One topic that I would be super interested to hear discussed, is the Asparagopsis supplement for cattle, that is supposed to reduce methane outputs.. and it's OIL based!!
    Even farmers are being brainwashed with the climate myth..

  8. The medical system has steered us towards chronic inflammation & sickness. They just LOVE chronic illness, cos they can sell us drugs that we have to take for long periods. They get a long term source of income! Big farma & gp's are the worst.

  9. Idiots pushing what idiots want to hear … keep pushing your cancer and heart disease, enjoy your millions and your short life. Hell is forever.

  10. I put a comment in one of your other videos. I just found you. I need HELP please please please. I am scheduled for partial or possible total thyroidectomy in 2 weeks due to a 4.4 cm nodule with well defined edges on the right side. Can’t get 2nd opinion appointment for several months. I do have some miserable symptoms including throat closing around food boluses when I swallow. Can this diet help so I won’t need surgery? Will it go away with this diet? I don’t want to regret taking this out like I do my gallbladder. I’ve been told nothing else will help except removal. Thank you for any help/advice.

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