Thursday, September 21, 2023
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The Wizards Best Basic Guidelines to Lowering Oxalate

If you need to know more about how to lower oxalate, as safely as possible, please watch this episode! We share what we have learned over the course of over 70 years experience among our 4 Wizards, as well as the best advice that has arisen from the over 70,000 members that have been through the virtual doors of the Trying Low Oxalates support groups.

We do discuss some supplements that may be helpful in this video, and we have affiliate links where you can purchase products and get a 10% discount. One of these providers in North America is Pure Bulk. The affiliate link is

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10 thoughts on “The Wizards Best Basic Guidelines to Lowering Oxalate
  1. What are the cookbooks under? I'm unable to write your names down right now. Serious health problems. Although, I should know them by heart after all these years. Thank you all for what you do.

  2. I fell sick a couple months after taking large doses of z-pac, an antibiotic, in 2015. However that did not affect my oxalobacter populations. As per the most recent PCR based genova diagnostics test, I have darn near the high end of expected oxalobacter population. I still have oxalate problems. Recently, I read a lot of research on the stomach being the first site where majority of oxalates are being absorbed. Oxalobacter does not live in the stomach or the small intestine, it lives primarily in the colon. I don't know what all the antibiotic destroyed that resulted in my physiological downfall. But I do know that oxalates have become a source of destruction in my body to a point that I cannot eat anything!

  3. Excellent information; thank you! Would love to live in a world where I could find a doctor to be "on my team." Sadly, I don't see that happening in my lifetime – which is why the information y'all provide is so important.

  4. This was such a great session! Learned a lot. Question: what is the best way to test our minerals and vitamin levels if blood is not a true tell tale? Also what gene testing is recommended to get an understanding of our shorts or inborn errors as Susan referred to them as. 😊

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