Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

What thickens the blood? Diet approach to CHF, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, etc

A patient asked me if food made any difference in the treatment of congestive heart failure. Walter Kempner MD had multiple cases of chest x-ray improvement and EKG improvement in cardiac patients. Robert Ostfeld cardiologist has recently published two case reports of reversal of congestive heart failure with diet therapy. If the blood is thick, it’s harder for the heart to pump it. If the blood is normal, ie thin, it’s easier for the heart to pump it. So the question arises, What make the blood thicker? I’ve already made multiple lectures about the effect of diet on the blood including how dietary fat causes blood sludge & rouleaux formation. Any of the bridging molecules will make blood thicker. Thicker blood is called increased viscosity. LDL cholesterol and uric acid are bridging molecules. Fibrinogen is a bridging molecule. Calcium is a clotting factor. Excess dietary calcium appears to be a transient thickener of blood. Thick blood is harder to pump which means more work for the heart. There are other chemicals that inhibit mitochondrial function and thus weaken the ability of the heart to pump. Mitochondrial inhibitors include atrazine, sat fat, HNE, etc. Serca inhibitors can also limit cardiac pumping power.


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15 thoughts on “What thickens the blood? Diet approach to CHF, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, etc
  1. Thank you! (This might be in another one of your vids, but I was surprised [not really, maybe a little], that it appears [a study shows] antiseptic mouthwashes impair the gut ~ leaky gut; that strong, that color—of course they’re disruptive.)

  2. I’m on Trt i have to give blood every six weeks because my blood becomes to thick . I’ve switched to a vegan diet and now i’m losing my testosterone does .If i donate regular I can get my blood levels to about 52

  3. Dr. Fuhrman made an interesting point that bp medicine lowered pressure during diastole too much…therefore the atrium did not receive enough blood during its refilling stage and that this fact..over time disturbed the electrical behavior within the atria and would cause afib. I have developed episodes of atrial flutter…though my fat consumption and cholesterol levels have always been low. I think this idea is worth a look. I've never heard this anywhere else though. Thank you for the video.

  4. I spoke with a city water expert this evening and he said that filtering your water does not get the fluoride out and this is true with any type of salts claiming fluoride is a salt. Only reverse osmosis does the job. True?

  5. thank you for telling the truth, how long is it going to take to get the hospitals and doctors to change what they do , good on you for speaking out and exposing the lies

  6. Awesome affirmation. Since i read dr Macdougall’s book starch solution, i dropped oil, salt & refined sugar off of my food. I immediately feel better. I suppose not having all those oil clogging my arteries makes my blood flows better. Dr Rogers, you mentioned in this video all calcium intake is bad. You do mean calcium supplements right? If i got my calcium from leafy green that doesn’t make it bad coz it got fiber to buffer the absorption of calcium right?

  7. I was going to ask an offtopic question. Why do you think Matt K aeberlein recommends a high protein diet?

  8. Is there any research linking High Sodium intake and Insomnia? That's my main struggle with the diet, I tend to overconsume salty foods/oversalt my meals because starches are kind of bland by themselves and when I do so I feel restless at night and it find it impossible to fall asleep. Overall I feel great eating HCLF though , digestion and elimination is perfect, my acne is clearing up and my skin isn't as oily. Athletic performance, breathing, cardio, recovery are also way better after cutting out so called "healthy fats" like tofu, avocado, seeds etc. In my case cutting out oils was not enough to get rid of my acne, I need to stay away from all fatty foods religiously.

  9. Excellent information and very interesting especially the diets at these famous hospitals. After my husband had his quadruple bypass they ordered him bacon and eggs in the CICU and I asked why would they serve him that and they told me that the surgery took so much out of him that they just wanted to get something in his system to get him stronger. They told him when he goes to cardiac rehab there will be plenty of time to learn about a low fat diet. But for now they just wanted him to get some substantial food in him. Later on he completed the entire 36 week cardiac rehab and did great. I really like the way you drive the point home about these hospitals and their horrible food. Such a joke they are.

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