Friday, September 22, 2023
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CNM AU8 for Multiple Sclerosis (Gold nanocrystals) Explained by Neurologist

CNM-AU8 is an experimental pharmaceutical developed by Clene Nanotherapeutics. It is composed of clean-surfaced gold nanocrystals in pharmaceutical grade water believed to facilitate metabolic activity in the cell. This video explains CNM-AU8, early pre-clinical research, and the results of the VISIONARY-MS phase II trial.

Selected Sources:

ACTRIMS 2023: CNM-Au8 bound for Phase 3 testing after positive data:
CNM-Au8 Lessens Vision Problems in RRMS Patients in Phase 2 Trial:
31P-MRS Imaging to Assess the Effects of CNM-Au8 on Impaired Neuronal Redox State in Multiple Sclerosis. (REPAIR-MS):
A Multi-Center, Open-Label Long-Term Extension Study of CNM-Au8 In Patients With Stable Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (VISIONMS-LTE):
“CNM-Au8 Phase 2 VISIONARY-MS Trial Results:
Clene Announces Updated VISIONARY-MS Phase 2 Trial Data Presented at 2023 ACTRIMS Forum Show CNM-Au8® Demonstrated Significant Improvements in Clinical Outcomes, Brain Structure, and Visual System:

Gold-plated Nanocrystals Could Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis:
Nanocatalytic activity of clean-surfaced, faceted nanocrystalline gold enhances remyelination in animal models of multiple sclerosis:
Study protocol of RESCUE-ALS: A Phase 2, r andomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in e arly s ymptomatic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients to assess bioenergetic c atalysis with CNM-A u 8 as a mechanism to slow diseas e progression:
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Dr. Brandon Beaber is a board-certified neurologist with subspecialty training in multiple sclerosis and other immunological diseases of the nervous system. He is a partner in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group and practices in Downey, California (South Los Angeles). He has several publications on MS epidemiology and has participated in clinical trials for MS therapeutics. You can follow him on twitter @Brandon_Beaber where he regularly posts about MS news and research.

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34 thoughts on “CNM AU8 for Multiple Sclerosis (Gold nanocrystals) Explained by Neurologist
  1. I would love to be able to time travel 50-100 years in the future and see where MS research and drug therapies are. I think the most likely progress will be made in STOPPING EBV infection in the first place with a real vaccine (not the mRNA CRAP), and we prevent people from developing MS.

  2. Thanks for explaining this Dr. Beaber. I read about it recently in a newsletter and was hoping it could help repair some damage to the optic nerves. I'm hoping clemastine shows promise as well. I have significant vision loss in one eye, but partial optic atrophy in both due to prior optic neuritis. Uhthoff's makes my vision terrible on a regular basis, so my summer activities are unfortunately very limited. Any treatment that improves vision (even marginally) would be a big win.

  3. Your phony wannabe Dr.Burt poison as Ocrevus personal experience 4 plus yrs after 20+ yrs MS only poison as hospitals money only bottom line thieves as Media politicians exterminations false prophets only profits

  4. I shared this trial in a blog when the trial was recruiting. Thank you for sharing the results, really interesting. (It was fun to write, because remyelination is the Holy Grail of MS research; and the fabled Holy Grail is made out of Gold. I made an Indian Jones reference. )
    Will be very interesting to see how it fares in the Progressive MS trial. 😊

  5. Thanks for the video. How about a video on coming off DMT after 60 for stable patients. Would you recommend your patients to come off DMT if they are stable at 60 or what would be the criteria.

  6. Thanks for the information. I do have concerns about effects of gold on kidneys. I hope these nano particles will not damage kidneys and won't cause proteinuria…

  7. Fascinating video. Thank you.
    These studies feel like modern day alchemical wizardry. Kudos to the volunteers . I'm interested in the impact of diet on the process of energy production on the cellular level. I believe the Wahl's diet is based on this theory.

  8. It's the NAD+ and increasing the energy efficiency in the brain in my opinion, not something exclusive to gold particles. Companies should focus on effects of NAD+, NADH, NMN, NR.

  9. Thank you for the video, Dr. Beaber!

    I have a video suggestion for you, I recently came across UCLA’s research that the hormone estriol given to mice with the mouse equivalent of ms promoted myelin repair. Could you do an informational video about the possibility of using estriol to treat ms in women?

  10. Thank you! I prob will not invest yet but willing to try it. There s nothing for DMTs exc immunosuppressives.

  11. So, with a father with Parkinson's and a daughter with MS, looks like we need to throw a couple of gold ingots in a Vitamix until this drug is approved…

  12. A number of MS drug companies pivoted their studies during the covid pandemic to develop anti-covid drugs. They were chasing the bigger fish…but this meant a lot of existing investors abandoned them as they stopped developing what they promised.

  13. An old lady in my street had MS, said she had coloidal gold, which did her good. She still walked and lived at her own home. She was between 70 and 80 😊.

    Just her living like that, gave me sooo much comfort. MS can be calm too.

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