Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Protecting Against The Damaging Effects Of Travel, Ozone Treatments For Longevity, And Stem Cells

Learn how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of travel, optimize mitochondrial function for longevity using stem cells and NAD, and discover the fascinating story behind Next Health’s new Maui Four Seasons location.

Darshan Shah, MD, is a renowned surgeon, published author, tech entrepreneur, wellness specialist, and founder and CEO of Next Health. (Mention “Ben Greenfield” when you call to book your service and receive 20% off. Discount can be used for the following: The Longevity Protocol, Stem Cells, or Exosomes – discounts cannot be combined. Promotion ends 1/1/2024.)

A graduate of esteemed institutions such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard Business School, and Singularity University, Dr. Shah has an expansive medical and business background that allows him to connect with patients on a more profound level.

He’s also a three-peat guest who first appeared on the podcast in 2019 when he and I discussed the opening of his first Next Health clinic, and again later when the two of us co-hosted a panel during my Boundless book tour in 2020, where we delved into topics ranging from sleep biohacks to spiritual disciplines and parenting strategies.

Having performed over 10,000 surgeries, his dexterity and expertise are unquestionable, yet what really sets Darshan apart is his unwavering commitment to optimizing health and extending lifespan, a mission that finds its manifestation in Next Health.

Established with the aim to revolutionize the conventional approach to healthcare, Next Health focuses on preventive, personalized care and longevity.

Each clinic offers a comprehensive array of cutting-edge health services, from genetic testing to biohacking technologies, all tailored to meet individual health needs. By harnessing the power of modern medical advancements, Next Health’s clinics are designed to not just treat disease but to foster optimal wellness and extend the healthy human lifespan. Since its inception, Next Health has steadfastly remained at the forefront of the healthcare revolution, guiding individuals on their journey to superior health and well-being.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Dr. Darshan Shah…05:07

-Why Dr. Shah opened up his new facility in Maui…07:02 

-What’s the protocol at Next Health, and why do they start with ozone treatments?…13:37 

-Stem cell treatments that Ben had at the facility…19:50

-The link between exosomes and mRNA…23:07

-Sleep and jetlag issues…29:05

-What are some of the cooler biohacking technologies coming down the pipeline…33:51

-What are some of the nonnegotiable things you can do to turn back biological aging?…38:10 

-How hard is it to find locations that offer these treatments?…44:13 

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