Friday, September 22, 2023

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37 thoughts on “The Top Foods & Supplements That Improve Vision, Eye Health & LONGEVITY | Rudrani Banik
  1. Yes! Love tomato avocado salad everyday too, super episode! Especially with capsicum it’s a perfect time to practice upping ur tolerance bc fats like EVOO & avocado offset it but still bring thru spice flavor, I’ve gone from cayenne to ghost to Carolina reaper level over a few months with this gradual adaptive method and we know how healthy capsicum is!

  2. MAX how do you do it???? I have watched nearly 5,000 health podcasts and somehow you keep finding new subjects and new people to interview. The doctors SMILE alone is worth watching the episode for. She is amazing. Makes me want to move back to N.Y. so she could be my eye doctor (going for a eye exam tomorrow in San Diego). Love your show and the doctor.

  3. Switched off as soon as she said dietary diversity. Every single animal in its natural environment essentially eats either meat or one specific plant food source. Just because we CAN eat plants doesn't mean we should. 99% of what you eat should be meat, plants are trying to kill you.

  4. Eye. Is the window for our body metabolic health and brain health.Opthalmology is less stressful than gynaecology and obesteterics,emergency medicine and general surgery which is very heavy lifting.Personal experience and all family members experience (9).

  5. Wow ,this is living in NY,and not experience traditional culture.Never saw tinned red beans or food till came to Uk to do post graduate studies in medicine.All our food was fresh ,cooked on daily basis and all our cloths made by mum at home.Old fashion.

  6. I know this isn't going to happen to everyone, but when I took 6mg of astaxanthin a day within about 3 weeks it had lowered my blood pressure to the point where I was getting light headed and blurred vision — it's potent stuff, but not a good choice for everyone

  7. Thank you for highlighting the migraine part. I'm a flight attendant who suffers migraines😰 so nice to hear the tips on this podcast to help🙏🏻

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