Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Are Hormones the Programming Codes of the Matrix by Lis Hoekstra & Billy Carson

Are Hormones the Programming Codes of the Matrix by Lis Hoekstra & Billy Carson

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47 thoughts on “Are Hormones the Programming Codes of the Matrix by Lis Hoekstra & Billy Carson
  1. Billy, did you hear, AI has been programed to read the Akkadian, Sumerian Texts/Tablets? What are your thoughts?
    It took a human to program it, so if the programmer makers/installer had an agenda, and made a program to switch letter meanings to say something different. What resources do you feel are true and reliable for this information?

  2. Thank Yall! I knew Billy Carson was a standout because of his Incredible knowledge but to see this video takes you to a whole new level! The two of you really do complete the picture! Thank you for sharing this very needed info!

  3. Yo….. Thank you both….. this is was the best breakfast I've been needing, I say breakfast cause this information was truly food for thought and totally easy to absorb, understand, and down right made so much sense which is a step towards correcting any of these issues you may have or preventing them. I'm about to forward this to my homegirl right now, we were just talking about a few of the topics I guys touch basis on and one of them was the fact that my has a guy friend she really likes but she's dealing with certain issues with trying to vibe with a Man who is a lot older than her and his libido is super low to point of him not even to knowing how to respond the right way to her trying to initiate romantic, sexual pressuring favors to him. He's just like plain yogurt….no flavor and I'm sure it has to do with a lot of things you guys discussed which I think will help her understand what is going on cause sometimes situations like that can start to mess with your self esteem asking yourself what's wrong with me and that's not even the problem SO THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH 🔥🔥🔥👍

  4. 😂❤️‍🔥💯😅💫
    you two so cuteness overload… child play comes out then back to balance sharing 4Bidden Knowledge💯
    very very grateful

  5. Thank you my friends… I hug a tree and walk barefooted on Mother Earth 🌎 but…had a hysterectomy cause of cancer growing but got it All…not on anything for. Hormones…do I need to be🤷🤜🤛💞🌹🙏

  6. Each and every ailment has its own unique origin and its also listed in the MSDS manual as the origin of the ailment. Example, Monsanto’s chemical inoculation for their corn, lists in their MSDS manual that ailment, that when diagnosed is caused to be unknown but is listed in the manual

  7. Gaining Knowledge is power 💪. Knowledge shared🌎is power multiplied❤💪 Am 15 years old and i know that its never too late or too early to start gaining knowledge. Thank you so much for everything especially this LOL I really needed to know this 🩷

  8. Billy my man you need to stop worrying about disclaimers and just start talking my man be you do you don’t worry about no intro or nothing my man if you just talk about your shit you’d be on top

  9. I was told i have a 'sluggish' thyroid. As the doctor handed me a prescription, she said, "once you start these, you will have to take them the rest of your life.". and i remember almost like slow motion taking the prescription, and looking at her questionably. I had it filled, but could not put it in my mouth. At the end of the month, i called. Cancelled a follow-up., and told them i could not take the medication especially for the rest of my life. That was over 12 years ago..

  10. Aye Bill right so I was saying amen Ra but I always looked up to what is it the star of ausar wsjr Orion idk I’m just like what’s the difference.

  11. Excellent video. You are 100% correct. Mitochondrial damage is root to many lifelong metabolic dysfunctions. What is number one "Destroyer" of Mitochondrial—— V a xxxxes

  12. I lot of people being diagnosed w bipolar disorder are never told to check their hormones, its very often not a mental disorder, its a blood sugar/ hormone issues, but doctors just push anti- psychotic meds instead of getting blood work done 1st!!!

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