Friday, September 29, 2023
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Bret Scher, MD presentation: Ketosis as a Medical Intervention

Low Carb Denver 2023, Health & Nutrition Conference. Watch the entire presentation as Dr. Bret Scher discusses: Ketosis as a Medical Intervention. We are releasing this important free content for all to learn and enjoy. We trust you will find the content visually engaging and educational. Please subscribe to this YouTube channel.

Dr. Scher,, is a certified preventive cardiologist and lipidologist who truly understands the benefits of proper diet and lifestyle. Dr. Scher is the director of Metabolic Mind™, a nonprofit initiative launched by the Baszucki Group. Metabolic Mind™ will be a platform where people can find evidence, information and support about the use of metabolic interventions for serious mental illness. He still sees patients, is a lecturer, podcaster, business owner and has served as the medical director of Diet Doctor.

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10 thoughts on “Bret Scher, MD presentation: Ketosis as a Medical Intervention
  1. Keto flu, turned out to be pretty easy thing for me to solve. All I did was start adding more salt to everything. It's all the symptoms went away in one day.

  2. Will we need to wait 30 years for changes to be made? Think of the expensive meds that could be given a swerve while exceptional gains would be realized by patients.

  3. Great idea to prescribe this ketonic nutritional intervention with meal plans, customization towards what people like to eat, calls to help support and answer questions, and a ketone glucose monitor to check progress. A CGM script would also be nice to verify glucose levels all day long.😊. I'm doing this diet and after 2 years it does have it's challenges.

  4. 5 years of TNK for me (reversed my pre-type 2) – not on any medications and have no real health issues (sometimes I get allergies/headaches) I'm almost 50. Staying on it forever.

  5. What a powerful presentation! Having been on low carb for almost 8 years now, I can attest to all that you've stated. It's not a diet, it's therapeutic and prescriptive!

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