Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Can I reduce my cancer risk by 60% or more? Find out with Dr.Paul Marik – Peak Prosperity

In this eye-opening interview, join Dr. Paul Marik as he delves into the topic of cancer prevention and shares invaluable insights on how you can safeguard yourself from this formidable disease. Discover groundbreaking strategies and evidence-based approaches to reduce your cancer risk and take charge of your health.

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27 thoughts on “Can I reduce my cancer risk by 60% or more? Find out with Dr.Paul Marik – Peak Prosperity
  1. Was aware of this, watched the powerfull interview of dr Seyfried by Jesse Chappus some months ago.
    Chris you should invite Dr Thomas Seyfried for an interview

  2. I have watched 100% of the Peak Prosperity videos since the start of Covid in February 2020. I am also a follower in the FLCCC. However, the dear doctor's briefing is simply horrible because when one uses medical jargon that's not understood by the common man or woman on YouTube, then, you've lost them for the entire briefing. The dear doctor needs a lesson on how to brief lay people.

  3. Always about the money!!!
    I heard many years ago they new how to cure cancer and kept it suppressed only to fatten big pharmaceutical.
    Stay healthy people.

  4. The Ray Peat guys see the impaired metabolism as a response to not being able to properly handle glucose, not the glucose is the problem. Low thyroid, high stress, omega-6, poor nutrition etc result in the inability to metabolize glucose…there may also be a link with candida and other opportunistic bugs…the tumor may be an encapsulation mechanism….

  5. I would add 2 more measures … 1.) learn about BPA and phtalates and how to avoid them. For example I have learned from analysis of my DNA that i very high predisposition to BPA sensititivity (basically bad BPA detoxication) as well as very high predisposition to breast cancer. More study on BPA later it seems THAT is highly related to breast cancer. BINGO . Something i can do to reduce my risk that wasnt mentioned in the presentation above.
    2.) Also might make sense to check what other environmental factors are concern in area where you live. What can you do and how bad is it? Should you even consider move somewhere else?

  6. One of the books mentioned by Dr. Marik is "Tripping Over the Truth" by Travis Christofferson. The book is excellent, I read it a while ago and it made perfect sense. It is written at the level anyone can understand and gives a great outline of everything that happened in cancer research and how we lost our way – most of the oncologists believe in genetic base of cancer and treat the wrong problem. Otto Warburg was a Nobel laureate in Biochemistry and was nominated in several other areas before and after, doing great things for humanity (ironically his cousin was one of the creators of the federal reserve). Great point in this book was that a particular monoclonal Ab (which are being used in treatment of cancers more and more) needs to only show that cancer decreases by 50% in 6 months to be FDA approved… what happens after – doesn't matter. Just too much money, another cash cow for Big Pharma. Talking about remdesivir… talking about IVN and HCQ…
    There are many other great things about this book.
    I had a privilege to attend the FLCCC conference in April with Dr. Marik and Dr. Martenson. Thank you both for sharing you energy, wisdom and time. Chris, I would've considered not washing my hand since I shook yours at that time… 🙂but I am a doctor, I had too. 🙏

  7. Went down this rabbit hole and was red pilled 12 years ago when my partner and my son's father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I recognize all of what was said. My partner was unwilling to try even supplements, let alone ne lifestyle changes. He would only listen to the evil oncologist. He died late 2015. How can this explain my young cousin getting lymphoma? They live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere and don't use chemicals in farming (very low pollution/chemical exposure). They eat all non-processed foods, mostly organic, very little grains or sugar, and fermented foods. They spend the majority of days outside working the farm (vit D and exercise), and there is very little family history of cancer on either side. Why did he get it?

  8. I hope you don’t mind me sharing, but I had polycythemis, a blood cancer, and…a family me,bet, a vet, put me on fenben for 9 months. Today, I’m cancer free! Yes, a dog dewormer…I also had an all meat diet for 3 mo this, and slowly integrated into a Mediterranean diet! Part of the regime was to practice the placebo effect. Namely, reaffirming that the medicine would scrub away all toxins and cancerous cells

  9. My husband reversed his diabetes with a permanent lifestyle change incorporating intermittent fasting. Interestingly, his physician who diagnosed him told him to go home and look up YouTube videos on IF – because of the doctor’s experience with it. So my husband never did go on medication. His A1c is not even in prediabetic range anymore, last we checked. Diabetes is such a terrible thief of a disease. I am astonished we had never heard it is reversible until this doctor’s direction to check out IF, a few years ago now. But hopefully word is getting far and wide at this point.

  10. It's amazing how much the pandemic opened my eyes to the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, with special thanks to Chris Martensen for opening my eyes. After learning about the misuse of PCR and many other things, I've looked into many other aspects of the industry and it's flipped my understanding completely upside-down.

  11. how long does chemotherapy affect a patient after they've taken it? years I mean is are immune system suppressed forever? how long does the chemo keep working on the bone marrow question ??? they sure don't answer these things when you talk to a doctor.

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