Friday, September 29, 2023
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Chronically stressed & fatigued? Properly test so you can supplement for your thyroid appropriately

On a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, the Ca/K (Calcium to Potassium) ratio reflects how efficiently the T3 hormone can access each cell.

When T3 has a difficult time entering cells, a person can feel fatigued and their metabolism can slow down.

A higher Ca/K ratio indicates degrees of hypothyroid while a lower Ca/K ratio indicates degrees of hyperthyroid. A high ratio occurs way more often.

People tend to be symptomatic of a hyper or hypothyroid long before it is picked up on a blood test and these symptoms will reflect on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis so you can begin taking action to balance yourself.

When the Ca/K ratio is high we tend to recommend Eidon’s Ionic Minerals of Silica (or Joint Support), Iodine, Magnesium, Multiple Minerals, Potassium, and/or Selenium.

When the Ca/K ratio is low we tend to recommend Silica (or Joint Support), Calcium (if Calcium by itself is low) and/or potentially Copper, and often Magnesium. Much attention is paid to the full picture within the analysis to determine specific minerals needed to balance as the results are not the most obvious.

Sometimes addressing heavy metals directly with this ratio, addresses the actual root cause of the imbalance itself. This allows the thyroid to function better and thyroid hormones to be utilized more appropriately. In turn, the patient feels better overall with increased energy levels.

With any hair test, it is important to look at the whole test and combine it with symptoms and any other information you have about a person.

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***This is not medical advice or intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. Make sure to consult with your health practitioner as needed.***


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