Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Quantum Conversations: Foundational Strategies to Transform Your Health

Discover the transformative power of prioritizing sleep, circadian rhythms, and foundational aspects of quantum health as hosts Sarah Kleiner and Carrie Bennett challenge conventional wisdom, highlighting the ironic irony of neglecting these crucial elements in the pursuit of well-being.

In this episode, you will be able to:

– Unearth the transformative potential of quantum health on overall well-being.

– Assess how modern technology, specifically non-native EMFs and artificial light, hold sway over human health.

– Grasp the compelling reasons to optimize your light environment and reduce non-native EMF exposure for improved health.

– Realize why sleep and maintaining regular circadian rhythms are foundational elements in quantum health.

– Identify the connection between diet, lifestyle choices, and fertility, helping to create a roadmap for fertility optimization.

What we discuss:
00:01:27 – Getting into Quantum Health,
00:07:44 – Overcoming Diagnoses,
00:09:27 – Environmental Factors and Health,
00:14:29 – Kids’ susceptibility to non-native EMFs,
00:15:00 – Impact of technology on the younger generation,
00:18:09 – Blue light and addiction to screens,
00:20:11 – The limitations of diet alone,
00:23:35 – Importance of light as a foundation,
00:29:00 – Quantum Health Strategies,
00:30:35 – Tools for a Changing Population,
00:33:01 – Lifestyle Changes over Supplements,
00:35:30 – Quantum Health for Everyone,
00:42:51 – The Importance of Enjoying Holidays,
00:43:53 – Empowerment through Mitochondrial Health,
00:44:34 – Beyond Food and Exercise,
00:45:06 – Minimal Financial Commitment,
00:45:18 – Future Quantum Conversations,

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6 thoughts on “Quantum Conversations: Foundational Strategies to Transform Your Health
  1. Such a great first episode!! Gold nuggets everywhere from each of your stories! nnEMFs from screens and how that's affecting this upcoming generation, the simplicity of quantum tactics and how empowered that makes us, and the real changes people are seeing in their health, whether client or practitioner. SO looking forward to more of this podcast!! Grateful for you ladies 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. SO, SO happy about "Quantum Conversations"! Congratulations on starting this channel, in addition to all of the wonderful, very important work that you both do to get the word out and to support the rest of us with our healing and health. Thank you for mentioning CIRS-Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, the debilitating illness similar to ME/CFS (chronic fatigue) that I was diagnosed with in 2019 after exposure to neurotoxic mold in our water-damaged home. While I respect and appreciate the integrative doctors who have helped me recover, who specialize in environmentally acquired illness such as mold toxicity and Lyme (note: "environmentally acquired" needs to be expanded to include nnEMFs and light environment!!), who just want to help people and not necessarily get rich off of us, I really do wish I had stumbled upon quantum and circadian-health 5 years ago. If I had been grounding and looking east at sunrise and during UVA rise an hour later, for example, I am sure that my recovery would have been much, much faster. And yes, I probably would not have needed the thousands of dollars of supplements I've been on (now off of, including melatonin), payments to those doctors not covered by insurance, and copays for all of the testing I had done. Furthermore, if I had know about the importance of changing my light environment and living a circadian- and quantum-based lifestyle years ago in a low non-native-EMF environment, my body would probably have been able to deal with the mold without totally shutting me down. Keep up with the good work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. ❤ Can’t wait for all the episodes! you both are incredible! Totally agree with how empowering and freeing I am from food now, when I walked the walked with this quantum stuff, I almost cried because I had such extreme unhealthy relationship with food and it was so liberating to just live my life and not obsess! these things are so simple and I have so much more time to be a mom,wife,daughter, sister and aunt! 🙏so thankful!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! ❤

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