Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Most Important Minerals for Fat Loss (NEVER Become Deficient!)

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The Most Important Minerals for Fat Loss

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – The Most Important Minerals for Fat Loss
0:18 – Mineral 1
2:30 – Mineral 2
4:43 – Join Thrive Market Today to get 30% Off Your First Order AND a Free Gift Worth up to $60!
5:31 – Mineral 3
8:12 – Mineral 4
9:30 – Mineral 5


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49 thoughts on “The Most Important Minerals for Fat Loss (NEVER Become Deficient!)
  1. Iron is a complicated one, if you are anemic, or low in iron or just feel lethargic all day, before you supplement iron or think you have to eat a big steak, it’s a deeper issue. You need to understand retinol (vitamin A) and copper have synergistic relationships. If you are not getting enough retinol or copper you cannot make enough of the enzyme ceruloplasmin to transfer iron into the cell, where it belongs. Whole food emphasis wise think cod liver oil, bovine raw liver. Supplemental vit A no good.

  2. I guess my main sources for these are avocados, sardines, and red meet. But given the amount I eat, I'm probably coming up a bit short across the board. Like how many cans of sardines would you need to eat to meet your calcium requirements? Maybe 5? I eat 1 or 2 per day. I do supplement magnesium so that helps. I think I've managed to permanently solve my constipation issues, so I might look for a decent source of fermented dairy to add into my diet. I've considered supplementing zinc, since I refuse to eat shellfish, but I'm not sure how much I really need, so I've never bothered.

  3. Best channel for my go to fat loss info/tips. I’ve lost 40 pounds since Jan 2023 thanks to this channel. From 196 down to 156, not too shabby.

  4. Dr Paul Mason from Low Carb Down Under just talked about a theory that maybe the human body increases vitamin D as a protective response against sun uv rays rather than the sun actually provides us with vitamin D via the sun. Food for thought?

  5. I love when I find nerds who can (1) understand the studies & (2) disseminate the information to people like me, who either can't do this for ourselves, &/or never had the opportunity or patience to learn.

    Please ignore the fact that I called you a nerd & feel great about what you're doing, & & &! keep doing the great job that you are.

  6. Thomas turned me on to Magnesium years ago… he mentioned the sore lacking of that micronutrient/electrolyte in the food supply chain these days and how active people may need as much as double the RDA of 400-500mg per day (which most Americans eating SAD don't even achieve).

    I've been eating sprouted pumpkin seeds daily ever since (along with hemp seeds, cashews, figs, bananas, etc.) and energy levels are no longer low despite burning an average of 25,000 calories per week!

    I also love that this video stresses not taking SUPPLEMENT FORMS of calcium or iron. So, so bad for the body…

  7. I was stranded on an oil rig in the North Sea for 2 months. Supplies ran out after 3 weeks. We were skeletons by the time we were picked up. There is no trick to dieting., and as simple as it sounds, but as difficult as it is…. just don't eat. Anything else is just complicating matters.
    Sorry for the bad news.

  8. I’ve been binging this channel a bit and decided to order 2 keto, Mediterranean cookbooks. Received one of them today, looked down, and saw Thomas DaLauer as a coauthor. I had no clue. Can’t wait to try these recipes. They look awesome!

  9. Thomas there is a video on YouTube with Dr. John Scharffenberg who is almost 100 years old who talks of his longevity. Please interview him, it was a really good interview but I would love to see you sit down with him.

  10. Great information Thomas! I know for me I need to get more magnesium and potassium in my Ketogenic diet. I eat organic baby arugula, avocados, and take a Men's multivitamin that provides 46% of my daily magnesium.

  11. I take mag taurate daily. Not sure if that's cause for keeping a good mag level. I also drink LMNT daily, and use Real Salt. I do about 90% carnivore. I don't eat spinach or leavy greens, but do eat at least 4 avocados a week.

  12. so the sugars in banana isn't the same as sugar your body is better equipped to deal with fructose and banana is the easiest food to digest a it isn't the same as white sugar so no better route please stop the misinformation

  13. I find the Zinc bit very interesting and think will give it a go. 30mg seems easy to supplement and harmless. I only supplement with omega 3, magnesium and L-theanine. Adding a little zinc seems worth a shot to me and pretty painless. Thank you Thomas for your hard work and great content. ❣

  14. Hi Thomas, I don't know if you ever read "Comments", or if your team does. I started keto 4 years ago. Evolved into carnivore. Currently animal-based (meat, dairy, eggs, minimal fruit). Have had good results, e.g. weight loss, improved blood test results, etc. However, there's so much conflicting information in the healthspace relating to food that I'm getting discouraged. My question is this: have you ever, or would you ever, publish your blood test profile on your channel? Specifically, how are your inflammation markers, hormone levels, etc.? I'm curious because I'm trying to decide if any of the currently popular diets, which aren't always easy to follow for various reasons, aren't the only answer, as the "influencers" would have us believe. You appear not to be "stuck" on only one kind of diet. That intrigues me. Thanks for your time.

  15. On Day 28 of Day 40 of my water fast.

    I take a multivitamin, b-complex, natural vitamin D from sunlight, magnesium, vitamin C.

    Crazy fat loss and NO LOOSE SKIN. Going to have at least 50lbs lost by Day 40. Haven’t weighed myself since Day 20, which had me at 32lbs lost then. 😊

  16. I have NEVER seen somebody do a mineral breakdown and avoid saying red meat so much it’s unreal. I know Thomas is a big med diet advocate but Jesus I can see him being full plant based in the future which is fine but he needs to be clear when he’s mentioning zinc and iron and suggesting plant foods like seeds or spinach these are not going to be digested as well as whole animal based foods. In the case of zinc and iron – red meat. Like every “influencer” Thomas has an agenda. Don’t get me wrong….I like his stuff but his agenda has become more clearer as his channel has gone on.

  17. Can you do a video on how to manage working out without feeling lightheaded and dizziness. Everytime I exercise, I get super lightheaded it gets uncomfortable and when I get done , I just never feel good , low in energy, and my head just hurts. What is the missing component? I do pre workout shakes, and then workout, and then I eat after 30mins of working out.

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