Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

2023 Chiron Retrograde – What You Need To Know

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20 thoughts on “2023 Chiron Retrograde – What You Need To Know
  1. Wow so I missed the live tonight but spirit lead me to watch now at 4am and this is spot on! People can’t find you if they don’t see you that really resonated(Scorpio rising that stay behind the scene) I have work to do thank you so much professor for reminding me and thank you for being on your soul mission reminding me to get on mine that’s what its about I love you for that!!!

  2. @33:37 in correlation with wat folks say , such as “I’m grown”..and in my mind your of age where your able to reproduce and therefore hold the light with in 1self about the truth of reality and share mutually ..as long as you’re on Earth you will never be “grown” but always growing and steadily evolving no matter the age..in MS ALL grown folks that claim to be grown seem to have lost their essence or their child like sense that was destroyed through wat bro. Pan call SRT (Symbol Reputation Trauma) and when a grown person sees another “grown” person with its childlike essence but yet mature..this causes hate, hate of the reflection and itself ,or the childlike essence is then name called or categorized..in other words “Age ain’t nun but a Number” but going down IS A Thing..as many souls cannot make their way back up ..excellent video ..ties in with Isis Thesis, DNA transfer, PHaGe Lambda..it’s all happening now; Betelgeuse Red light and Blue Star Sirius compounding together to create a Purple Reaign

    -Tha #7 Yemaya

  3. I’m watching the replay literally on Virginia Beach right now… Visiting my dad (a wound) it’s been hard. It’s raining today and I need the water (beach and rain) like air!!😩

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