Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Showdown in the Debate Dojo | Universal or Separate Ancestry? || Donny (SFT) vs. Taylor (SWR)

Impromptu debate (informal) with Taylor (Snake Was Right) on the topic of ancestry. Does the scientific evidence better support universal or separate ancestry?

Donny – Separate Ancestry
Taylor – Universal Common Ancestry

Donny and Taylor discuss human and chimpanzee Y Chromosomes, mitochondrial Eve, DNA discontinuities, and more!

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14 thoughts on “Showdown in the Debate Dojo | Universal or Separate Ancestry? || Donny (SFT) vs. Taylor (SWR)
  1. Misophonia is triggered by the constant lip smacking before every sentence.
    Forget about the claim he makes that Humans are apes.
    Like a typical Sophiopath, he sounds polite, until you school him on his own channel that millions of years never happened. Then the monster comes out.

    Millions of years never happened.

    "It’s a pattern in the fossil record that footprints are found in strata millions of years before foot bones, and evolutionists never explain how the critter survived millions of years after leaving its footprints until it finally got buried."

    "It was first presented in detail in a paper by Adventist Leonard Brand and a co-author J. Florence in 1982. The evolutionists have never answered this challenge in the 38 years since. The pattern is the same for reptiles, amphibians, dinosaurs, birds, and mammals."

    "How many years are we talking about? 10 million between trilobite tracks and trilobite fossils; 35 million between amphibian tracks and amphibian fossils; and 10 million between dinosaur tracks and dinosaur fossils. That is a curious pattern indeed."

  2. So if I understand correctly, the Y chromosome which humans share has a fast mutation rate and yet has low variance amongst all people. In contrast if chimpanzees are indeed cousins with humans why does their Y chromosome match so poorly with people??

  3. I find it somewhat misleading to speak of one origin theory only, in terms of the underlying logics for something like relative variability. Obviously, to my mind, a Creator God in particular, though to a lesser extent hypothetic "advanced" non-god seeders of life on a planet, giving more initial variability through genetic to some creature lines than others makes sense if there is a wider array of environments the given original creature form is anticipated/expected to adapt to. Some might be intended to fill just a few very similar niches, while others could be intended to fill many niches.

    Which is to say that the two theories can both have correspondences to what we can observe, such that it is not possible to declare one or the other more demonstrable through something like the "fossil record". In addition to the necessarily incomplete nature of that record, which could change, and thereby change correspondence factors in various ways.

  4. I dont understand what Donnys point on y chromosome divergence was meant to be. He has a list of possible answers but thinks it cant be possible under evolution and he has no data to suggest it isnt possible.

  5. You’re sooo informative and I learn so much from your debates etc. Thanks Donny for all the time and effort you put in: it’s greatly appreciated Brother. 😊😊😊😊

  6. Here's the thing if we want to use words to promote our worldview, we can't change the definition when the opposing worldview uses the same word in the same context. (fast for example).

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