Friday, September 22, 2023

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8 thoughts on “The mitochondria IS the powerhouse of the cell!
  1. I saw a video showing how the mitochondria makes electricity by stripping electrons one by one using a resonance of attraction between the frequency of specific electrons and the enzymes structured to receive that frequency. When I saw the video I just started seeing the Great Pyramid full of cavitating structured water like plasma or ATP and the granite slabs above the King's chamber acting as the enzymes of mitochondria attracting electrons because of a resonance determined by their geometric structure. I was daydreaming today about the word electricity wondering why it ends with tricity. Is it supposed to be like ciry of 3. The etymology points to eleckrron as static electricity but I think that misses the why for tri. I remembered when I wrote ATP just now that I think, the TP is triphosphate with the A being Adenine or something. Elektron was from greek origin meaning amber as making static electricity but the latin origin or similar derivative from around 1,000 b.c. is ~lecktor but it means shining light. It seems odd to me that static electricity would be equated to shining light but what seems odder is tri phospate equates to 3 and whatever phospate would mean considering phosphorus means light bearer. 👍🤶🐈

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