Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Challenging Dr. Chaffee’s CARNIVORE DIET: The Tough Questions

We dive deep into the world of the carnivore diet as we challenge @anthonychaffeemd a neurosurgeon resident and expert on the #carnivorediet . Listen in as I ask Dr. Chaffee the tough questions that skeptics and curious minds have been longing to hear. Join us on this fun video to separate fact from fiction and uncover the truth behind one of the most talked-about diets of our time. #carnivore
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28 thoughts on “Challenging Dr. Chaffee’s CARNIVORE DIET: The Tough Questions
  1. Thank you to Dr Chaffee, link in description- go watch his channel! ! I hope the Carnivore message reaches folks like ourselves. I wish I knew about Carnivore decades ago! Please check out our Carnivore Diet Documentary website and help it get made!!. Participate, share, learn more: http://www.carnivoredietmovie.com. Please share if you feel inclined to do so. Finally if you wanna learn more about me and my family please check out my other videos! My wife and I have triplets plus 1, we recently bought our beloved small town movie theater and we have some really fun videos taking it over. Plus, I've done videos on our businesses, working with my Amish neighbors, gardening, homesteading and other adventures with more Carnivore videos to follow. Thank you!!❤

  2. This wonderful presentation, combined with Dr. Berry's most recent "wake up" call, is bringing huge awareness to the fact that we alone have the power to manage our health & fitness. Do not rely on prescriptions and government recommendations for diet & health.
    Thank you both for spot-on information!

  3. Moderation- yeah try that with sugar. Eating sugar makes you hungry for sugar. I can’t have it except I do still eat some fruit. If you are diabetic you probably shouldn’t even have fruit in moderation. I’m not strict carnivore because I still have some veggies and fruit, but I’ve lost 13 lb. I’m never going back to dairy except butter and a little Parmesan, never going back to grains or sugar. I’m doing much better eating fatty meat I do eat poultry. Not clear on why that is or isn’t good

  4. I am finally down to just coffee as my Achilles heal. I am determined to kick it. I have never had an addiction to sugar and my coffee has such a strong connection in my life. My wife’s pet name for me is “Big Kona”. So it has been hard for me. I don’t have to have it for caffeine anymore since carnivore lifestyle. It is the flavor and my traditions when it comes to making it. I know I have to, and will. I was still having stomach trouble on the carnivore and it is probably my coffee issues. Just one cup a day but I know it is. I did a water fast for 7 days ans that has helped tremendously and now back on carnivore. I hope everyone has a great day.

  5. Talking about the toxicity of lands and ricin, ornamental castor bean plants are a favorite of mine to grow. Ppl focus on a few toxic plants and they are horrified, but like you say, most plants are toxic.

  6. For those who are of faith. How do you resolve what God has to say in Genesis 1:29 "Then God said, 'I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."

    Here's how i resolve it and what has worked for me.

    While i believe that there is some real value from the strict Carnivore diet. I do not believe the benefits come strictly from eating meat. It comes from what you are "removing" from your diet certain inflammatories ( processed foods, bread, and sugar). That's what is giving the results.

    To prove that it was just that, I changed my carnivore diet.

    God gave us plants and fruits in combination with meat.

    So that's why i approach the carnivore diet with a combination of the three (meat-fruit-veg)

    Though i avoid any that is not organic to avoid the pesticides.

    I believe the problem lies not in the removal of these life-giving foods, but in society who has sprayed so much crap, and used hormones in foods, and things to sustain shelf life that is what is causing issues. It's not the veg-and-fruit by itself.

    No, God knows what is right for us. So I use all three (meat, organic fruit, organic veg, and i cut out all the rest) and I'm getting the same results – healing, strength, weight loss, and more.

    So for those of you who are struggling. Give it a go. Keep up the carnivore, just sprinkle in some organic fruit-and-veg. You will get to enjoy life more, you will find it can be sustained longer and you get the same results.

  7. Dr. Chaffee talks about evolution so much as if its a provable fact. I'm not 7th Day Adventist but His unprovable claims of history billions of yrs ago sound just as foolish to me. Also if science says we evolved why would you try to go back to a diet of a billion yrs ago. If our diet hasn't evolved WE HAVEN'T EVOLVED. I happily adhere to the carnivore diet because of nutritional science not fictional evolutionary science.

  8. I have a 15 month old boy, took him to a play date the other day and was the weird parent that doesn't allow him to eat candy.

    Later that day when their children where moody and crying with up and down behaviour, my boy was still his friendly self, dancing and engaging with the adults.

    He does eat his fruit puree we make ourselves etc but he has never had juice or refined sugars.

    He will be carnivore later when he is a bit bigger and we can converse

  9. My husband’s family is Seventh Day Adventist, and a lot are vegan/vegetarians. I’ve gone to church with him, and I look around and everybody looks so unhealthy and plenty are fat! I tried going vegetarian in my late 20’s after having 3 kids thinking I’d lose weight, and I not only gained weight but felt awful! I then had thyroid issues and had to have my thyroid removed. I gained 40 pounds after that after being thin my whole life. I am 5’11” tall and I weighed 150 pounds. I steadily gained weight and couldn’t figure out why. I made all homemade food, even homemade bread. I thought I needed “heart healthy whole grains” and lots of vegetables. I also went back to eating meat. (I only lasted 6 months as a vegetarian and said, this is for the birds!) When my doctor told me my A1C is 5.9 and I was on the verge of being a diabetic, I couldn’t believe it. But I had so much inflammation and pain in my body. I could barely move. I could barely bend over to put my socks and shoes on. I steadily gained weight and felt even worse. Then I read a book called Wheat Belly. That book changed my life. I gave up wheat and my inflammation went away, but I substituted wheat for all kinds of gluten free goodies. I was still addicted to sugar. Then after being told I was going to become a diabetic I went Keto. I switched from gluten free goodies to Keto goodies. Then I saw your video on carnivore diet and decided to give it a try. It’s been a long journey but after going Keto, I plateaued. Then I started intermittent fasting and lost more weight. I plateaued again and decided to try the carnivore. This is the first time in my life that I feel like I have kicked my sugar addiction. I can watch everybody else eating goodies and I feel no interest in joining them. But I can tell you, I am not telling anybody else outside my immediate family that I’m eating only meat, eggs, butter, beef tallow and salt. My husband’s Adventist family would be horrified. I am sorry to say that I could never convince them even with all the proof right in front of their faces! My husband doesn’t approve either. He thinks I should eat vegetables and salad too. I just say, yeah yeah, I will but not right now. It’s hard when you have family that thinks you are going to harm yourself, but I feel just fine! Getting some support would be nice but I don’t need it! At my heaviest I weighed just last year 194 pounds. On my journey from Keto, to fasting to carnivore, I am now down to 162 pounds. I may never get back to 150 pounds because I am on thyroid medication but I feel great! I may never go back. Sorry for the novel but I had to tell you!

  10. It’s not fear. The issue is every restaurant of every type include sides. You can not pay just to e price of hamburger Pattie’s. Restaurant will not charge just the cost of the patty.
    Your getting crappy condiments and over cooked veggies. Soaked in butter etc or bread.

  11. I would say this to anyone questioning the obvious – meat and eggs are the only foods you need to thrive, look at a vegan's body, look at their skin, now the most amusing one – watch them in a gym – pmsl, NOW compare one of us carnivores – says it all I believe.
    No elite Pro vegan bodybuilders or WSM competitors – I wonder why that is, lol.

  12. The evidence for the benefits of going carnivore seem to be pretty clear. However, I would question Dr. Chaffee's biblical references. It's very clear that Adam and Eve ate only plants in the garden. However, that doesn't mean that we should be vegetarians today. First, God said eat animals after the flood. Second, the fall corrupted the entire world, including plants, which could explain many of the toxic plants we see today. As well, I'm getting more and more convinced that a lot of the problem with modern food may not necessarily be that it comes from plants, but rather the way we grow our food. Either as Dr. Chaffee said, the soil is not good and not getting proper nutrients into the plants. Or, it's the pesticides we use that are slowly poisoning us. I'm extremely reluctant to discredit all vegetables and fruits (since they were a part of a proper diet biblically). However, our current fruits and vegetables likely have something wrong with them that is making us unhealthy. Whether it's due to them being GMO's, the pesticides, the soil, or the processing after the fact…I can't say. But, I think that may be why carnivore is so effective, because it is bypassing whatever poisons and toxins are being introduced by our modern farming and processing.

  13. I just started the Salisbury ground beef and hot water protocol to cure Hidradenitis. I’m so hopeful! Thank you for all the valuable information.

  14. I was vegan for almost 5 years. It ruined my health. I was healthy before going vegan. Eating mostly animal products helped me regain my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  15. You probably heard about Hunza tribe.

    Hunzas consume a mostly plant-based diet, eaten raw. Because they are so isolated, the Hunza do not have access to a large amount of fuel for cooking food, nor are there many animals available for eating, so they plant what they can and gather the rest. Apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, and peaches are all cultivated by the Hunza. They also eat a lot of grains — wheat, barley, and millet — and chapati, their daily bread.
    So, something is not quite right about statements that we can be only healthy on meat

  16. I sometimes wonder if I could have gotten my mom to do a carnivore diet if she’d still be alive and not have dementia. I’ll never know but I can at least work on my diet.

  17. In a non-Socially Democratic s.ystem such as Capitalism, it's not your health wellbeing that gains the attention. It's quite the opposite. It's your sickness that gains the medical institution's attention. Corporations and Government are conj.oined to maximize profit. NOT to maximize health.

    Our health problems are directly proportio.nal to, how Capitalism and Social Democracy are antithet.ical and incompatible with eachother. We live in an anti-social e.nvironment and the battle for the survival of our species is failing because of it.

  18. Love watching your channel, but was a bit disappointed with the line up of questions. I thought these would be different then all the other general carnivore questions we get on other channels 😕. Super stoked you got Dr Chaffee on! Congrats

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