Monday, September 25, 2023
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Pathology MCQ Marathon | Part 1 with Dr. Preeti Sharma

“Crack medical exams with Dr. Preeti Sharma & Key Topics from Pathology through MCQs. Specially crafted YouTube video to help lay the foundation for medical exams. In this video, Dr. Preeti Sharma shares valuable insights to enhance your chances of clearing NExT/NEET PG or FMGE. Join us now and gain the knowledge you need to succeed!

Pathology Part 2 👉

MCQ Marathon Powered by India’s only Clinical QBank will focus on :-

1. Unveiling the hidden connections between subjects!
2. Mastering the art of tackling multiple-choice questions!
3. Gearing up to excel in your academic or professional journey
4. Preparing for the real world while mastering knowledge! 🌍✨

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13 thoughts on “Pathology MCQ Marathon | Part 1 with Dr. Preeti Sharma
  1. Question of the session has to be that marfan question for sure.. 😂 I mean, how maximum students were able to decode the diagnosis in a flash but couldn't decipher the pedigree till the last second…. A great session with high yield forgettable topics ma'am ❤

  2. Mam..I am good in patho being a 2nd yr student.. I love to read patho and spend more time to study patho just because of u😍..but in 1st semester…I misdiagnose a case 🥺of 10 marks..srry mam

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