Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Link Between Clotting and Viral Reactivation in Long Covid & ME/CFS | With Dr Bhupesh Prusty

In this final video in the three part series with Dr Bhupesh Prusty, Dr Asad Khan and I ask about how clotting abnormalities fit in with the reactivated latent viruses theory, and the various ways treatment might fit in.

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33 thoughts on “The Link Between Clotting and Viral Reactivation in Long Covid & ME/CFS | With Dr Bhupesh Prusty
  1. I’m taking an Asprin every morning. It makes me feel less sluggish for a few hours and takes away the aches in my legs and arms. By evening, the aches are back again.

  2. Are studies been done on long covid patients who were vaxed ( and number of vaccinations given) and unvaxed and those that got the virus and were badly infected ? without taking into account the effect of the vaccine on the immune system it would be pseudo science.

  3. Thank you for these videos! After not being taken serious and being pushed to do graded exercise at the hospital, I went to a kinesiologist. After running some tests he told me there was no more covidvirus to be found in my body but a strong reactivation of EBV! And shortly after that you posted these videos. 🥰

  4. We suspected early on – mid-2020(?) – when covid sequelae weren't resolving and some of them felt like ME/CFS that there might be a link. Is there research into both conditions being similar or having a similar base or trigger? What good news for those of us who've been ill for possibly decades, that there might be actual research now – but how terrible for everyone who'd developed it in the last couple of years.

    As a long-term ME endurer and long covid – oh, too tired to think of another synonym for "combatant" here but the Merrian Webster's got my back – possibly guerilla, as in a long and sustained campaign against this bloody thing that tries to steal my life, but I've got my ways of outsmarting it, generally by allowing it to lay me out completely a couple of times a month – maybe this is a war I'm not winning quite so much as maintaining a sort of uneasy stalemate through – my heart goes out to you all, knowing what some of you will be facing in coming years, and some of you will have it worse than me. Try to stay positive: remember the things you have to be grateful for and not focus too much on what you're losing or have lost, and find things that can replace what you had in the past within your energy budget – and be well.

    (Sorry for the rambliness – it's been stupidly busy with my project recently and the brain is protesting against ill-usage, hence stream of conciousness word salad above. Nobody's obliged to read it and frequently YouTube comments feel like shouting into the void, so hear my words, O Void!)

    Time for a cuppa.

  5. I love that you bring in different theories and theorist and different researchers who study based on their own background and paint a much broader picture of potentially everything that’s going on… there is A LOT going on… instead of making it fit into one funnel hypothesis. Thank you!😊

  6. Maybe take the anticoagulants (eliquis and aspirin) along with an antiviral (maraviroc) to keep at bay the reactivation. I'm so happy to hear others are looking into this besides Patterson and Vaughn.

  7. Natto/Serra caused me brain fog (a sign it is working?), and I am allergic to penicillin, so aspirin out of the question. Hoping the forgetfulness and brain fog goes away now that I have ceased taking Natto (4000iu_ Serra (1-2 capsules at night).

  8. Why not go to the root of the problem. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record ~ both the virus and the injection both contain gain of function research and spike protein. Look at the patents taken out on the non novel coronavirus and the injection.

  9. Amazing video Gez. I was so excited when I saw you were interviewing Dr Prusty because I was doing some research into his work too. Interesting conclusion here about Immunoglobulins being a target treatment, my nutritionist wants me to start taking one called mega mucosa and funny enough herpesvirus have been shown to infect the mucosa barriers in humans. Lot of stuff making sense

  10. Herpes triggers everything, everything triggers herpes. This is Pharmas secret cash cow. They single out one herpesvirus and tell you that it's not the cause because not everyone has that particular herpesvirus when in fact, all of them demyelante nerves and cause all kinds of inflammation. Attracted to injury & stress, they find a weak link inside the body and exacerbate it. Presents different in everyone because everyone is different.
    It's 2023 and almost all disease is still idiopathic? We have no idea why the body would 'attack itself' I call BS. What makes more sense? That the body is attacking itself or attacking a particularly painful irritating nerve virus for which there is no respite? Think for yourselves. Often the simplest answer is the right one.
    Also, the Sun has an effect on viruses. I notice every July and also in the morning, viruses are more active. If you are infected in the morning, your viral load will be higher.

  11. To date : 2 prong attack needed …anti-virals and a way of boosting IgM. But will we further uncover other mechanisms that then cause the IgM to crash , and then this will be the Eureka moment to smash LC symptoms ? The beat goes on …

  12. There is no doubt the Long Covid Micro Clotting is causing the vast majority of issues in these patients. The clotting is very hard to see on CT and MRI even with Contrast, but the number of people presenting with Dyspnea and alot of inflammation with Edema is increasing. Even when using triple Anti Coagulants Anti Platelets, many post Covid and Vax injured patients are dealing with alot of Micro Clotting. The VWF blood tests are being done more, as are patients being diagnosed with Lyme, Lupus, CMG and EBV HHV6 with the same conclusion, Viral Persistence. The Spike continues to damage long after infection, and recently many studies of autopsied patients post Covid or post Vax are showing the Spike all over the body even 2 or more years after infection. The fact Spike was even found in Skull and Spinal Bone Marrow was alarming, and anywhere inflammation occurs unchecked, patients are showing clotting. It is getting so bad in some cases patients with Dyspnea and showing PFT’s 79-85% o2 Sats 95-97% are still having breathing issues. I conclude there is continued Micro Clotting occuring years post Covid, and we are seeing alot of patients with Micro Clotting and Pitted Edema in the lower Limbs with Sonography showing sudden onset symptoms in patients post Covid and Vax. We must find a way to blunt the Spike effects and work to keep the inflammation down in all areas of the body. The VWF needs to be checked regularly, as does blood for Reactivation of Latent Viruses, along with imaging to see if the Micro Clots are the cause, but even with Contrast we are having problems spotting them based on their size.

  13. Started taking Nattokinase 2,000 now on 6th day not having the flare ups as much but it seems to have increased my fatigue and brain fog. Also in addition to long covid I have
    interstitial cystitis and for some reason it seems to be increasing those symptoms as well?

  14. Meaty last video.🙂Although hard not to see these findings like cresting a mountain, only to see there's another higher peak still to climb, beyond it. 🙄

  15. My first listen and I'm really paying attention. Will listen more tomorrow morning to get a better understanding. Thank you Gez.

  16. He mentioned that IgM antibodies are depleted in long Covid patients and need to be replaced. Could this be done by potentially drinking breast milk from someone who recovered from covid? I found a study online that claims that doctors gave breast milk to an immune compromised patient and they were able to fully recover. Could this be a potential treatment?

  17. Thanks again Jez. What I find so immensely frustrating about this is where it fits on the medical funding priority list. Great work and the alleviation of suffering for millions is possible but it's such a struggle. I likened LC to a friend recently as like having cancer but no doctor has heard of cancer.

    Thank you again.

  18. So Gez my friend and for future… why are we all improving on the whole each day and even now at 2 1/2 years in I am suddenly getting big improvements (Nattokinase has been added) but still even then we are improving incrementally….

  19. I don't really understand Dr Bhupesh Prusty. There is a lot of jargon. I prefer illustrations much like Dr Robert Phair does when explaining complex ideas.

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