Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Is Creatine Worth the Recent Hype?

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Is Creatine Overhyped?

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Is Creatine Overhyped?
1:58 – Creatine Explained
3:45 – Creatine from the Diet
4:46 – Should You Supplement Creatine?
5:54 – Use Code TDL20 for 20% off Create!
7:29 – Creatine Safety & Optimal Dosing
8:22 – Creatine for Strength
9:36 – Does Creatine Increase Muscle Mass?
10:53 – Can Creatine Lower Glucose?
12:14 – Creatine as an Antioxidant
13:40 – Creatine for Older Populations
14:17 – Creatine for Endurance/Cardio
16:23 – Cognitive Performance (brain health)
17:42 – Cons of Creatine
18:57 – Creatine Non-Responders
20:08 – Hair Loss
21:13 – Kidney Health & Creatinine Levels


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24 thoughts on “Is Creatine Worth the Recent Hype?
  1. I'm 68, a T2D, and have been taking creatine for years with no problems. After watching the video, I showed it to my wife who's also a T2D, on a CGM, a size 4 so weight is not an issue. She contacted her endocrinologist to get an OK to take it and his one word answer was NO. I can't believe it, other than her diabetes, her blood work is great.

  2. Thomas is actually capable of holding my attention better than any professor ever could. Quite interesting.
    Also – creatine legit helps me with reducing anxiety. And makes it much easier to focus (I suffer from ADHD). I would literally take it every day,if I wasnt scared of it affecting hormones potentially,and Im scared of potential hair loss. Simply not worth the gamble for me. Also,as someone with PCOS and naturally higher male hormones,I like to keep them in the normal range,and I respond to creatine intensely. The strength gains are insane,and it affected my muscle so fast,I actually didnt like it,it was a bit too much.
    I think I would only attempt small doses?like a gram or two – just for the fact how well I feel mentally.

  3. 💊 Creatine is an energy-boosting supplement, not a muscle-building one.

    – Creatine is not a steroid and cannot make you perform above your natural abilities.

    – It helps you create energy like a battery, providing energy until your body can start using glucose or glycogen.

    💊 ATP is the energy currency in our body, but we don't get enough creatine from our diet.

    – Creatine phosphate donates a phosphate molecule to create energy.

    – Red meat and salmon have 1-3 grams of creatine per day, but we need more.

    – Supplementing with 2-3 grams of creatine is good for general health, 4-7 grams for muscle building.

    – Above 7 grams of creatine per day doesn't provide additional benefits.

    – Creatine has benefits for strength, muscle, endurance, and cognition, but there are drawbacks.

    💊 Create's creatine gummies are a convenient and accurate way to dose creatine.

    – Creatine has been stigmatized as a steroid, but it is an energy supplement that helps you feel better and more alert.

    – The gummies are non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and third-party tested.

    – The recommended daily dose is between 3-5 grams per day.

    – Studies have shown that creatine is safe for adolescents.

    💊 Creatine improves strength without additional training

    – Clinical studies show that creatine supplementation leads to dramatic increases in strength in as little as two weeks of an eight-week resistance training regimen.

    – Creatine makes us better at achieving stimulus, making us stronger and therefore able to build bigger muscle.

    💊 Creatine has potential benefits for muscle glycogen and lowering blood sugar.

    – Creatine can increase glut4 and aid in carbohydrate absorption into muscles.

    – Creatine may also improve calcium reuptake and act as an antioxidant.

    💊 Creatine can benefit cognitive and endurance performance.

    – Creatine helps reduce inflammation and gut damage caused by endurance work.

    – Creatine can potentially improve cell hydration and benefit cognitive performance.

    💊 Creatine has potential neuroprotective effects and improves cognitive function.

    – Creatine provides additional fuel to the brain's mitochondria, improving cognitive function.

    – Creatine has potential neuroprotective effects, preventing or potentially preventing neurodegenerative conditions.

    💊 Non-responders to creatine have adapted to lower levels of creatine in their body.

    – Non-responders can potentially overcome this adaptation by taking more creatine.

    – Creatine does not cause hair loss unless taken with exogenous hormones.

  4. So glad you talked about non-responders. I've been lifting weights for almost 20 years and doing various kinds of cardio and never felt any kind of benefit what so ever from creatine. I thought it was all a sham…I guess I'm just a non-responder!

  5. I remember when I first started taking creatine in high school, one of my teachers was concerned and talked to my parents thinking I was taking steroids.

  6. Creatine gives you energy, does it give you energy the day you take it or does it give you energy over time as you keep taking it?

  7. I've been on a low protein diet for gout since my early teens. I tried using creatine supplements in the 80s. It flared my gout. I can get uric acid kidney stones. I tried again in the 90s with the same result. Again in the early 2000s. Same problem. I eat a lot of wild salmon.

  8. I wonder if some of the puffyness is occurring in people who arent properly hydrating while taking it. Dehydration can sometimes lead to water retention and extra (or at least sufficient) water seams to be required when taking it.

  9. Yes , well, …. no wonder some people tell me, “ hey, you move pretty good for your age” (63. ? ) in which I respond, “ thx I’ll take that as a compliment but, ….. lets just hope you can do the same when your my age” (Haha) . Thx Thomas i appreciate ya, your creatine is on my list.

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