Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria || Grade 9 & 10 Biology

In this video lecture we discuss the following:
(1) What is mitochondria?
(2) Why aren’t mitochondria present in matured red blood cells?
(3) What is the inter-membrane space of a mitochondrion?
(4) What are cristae in a mitochondrion?
(5) What are F1 particles, or oxysomes, in a mitochondrion?
(6) Why are F1 particles called so?
(7) What is the matrix of a mitochondrion?
(8) What is the shape of mitochondrial DNA?
(9) How does the inter-membrane space of mitochondria and the cytosol of a cell have nearly almost the same concentration?
(10) What is the functions of mitochondra?
(11) Why are mitochondria said to be a semi-autonomous organelle?

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