Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Historical Adam?: Interview with Fuz Rana

Who was Adam? Was he the result of still ongoing natural processes or a unique creation? In the original publication of Who Was Adam? (2005), biochemist Fazale Rana and astronomer Hugh Ross discussed cutting-edge research in junk DNA, the human fossil record, human and chimp genetic similarities, and more. They proposed a new scientific testable model for human origins. This robust 10-year update provides rigorous testing of the evolution and creation scenarios. New discoveries in genetics and paleoanthropology, especially, provide helpful evidence. How has RTB’s biblically aligned model for human origins fared? Can human evolution be declared a fact? Or does a creation model make more scientific sense? We’ll interview Fuz Rana and discuss his latest book on the show. Join us here live!

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26 thoughts on “The Historical Adam?: Interview with Fuz Rana
  1. Fuzz is a blessing for all of us to refute the skeptics. Although I disagree with Fuz on the age of the earth and Neanderthals, we agree on what really matters. What really matters is that Christ is our Lord and Savior. God bless him and pray for his ministry!

  2. I would love to know how Fuz or the scientists who study Neanderthals claim to understand the differences in brain chemistry considering we don’t have living Neanderthals to study. I dead under the impression from scientific articles and papers that Neanderthals buried their dead, made music, art and jewelry. Not only that but essentially they were humans meaning that their genome is our genome. So with jewelry, art, and music, there is no doubt they understood symbolism. I wasn’t aware of any debate about this but I wish Fuz mentioned some resources.

  3. I had heard about what had once been called "the great apostrophe." The idea being that it came to pass that the earth was void. As I consider the flood, the elimination of civilizations, Nineveh, Sidon, Sodom, Gomorrah, etc, it seemed very possible that we are not a first creation. The concept of becoming "sons of God" suggests an origin of the council of elohim. Not that God isn't a trinity, but there also sons of God already existent. I don't doubt the anthropological finds, but we can only imagine theories. Did a previous creation deteriorate into the remains we see?

  4. I just thought about something Fuz said that is parroted by Evolutionists that is hilarious. Evolutionists claim there is a problem with humans descending from 2 people but they don’t have any issues with all of life descending from 1. It gets less and less precise overtime. It predicts change? Wow that’s amazing😂. It predicts opposite outcomes which means it is unpredictable. So silly

  5. Light or lightning emanated from the icy clouds of the most high strata of our heavens. My study of Job gave me to understand Job's knowledge which had been lost until modern times. The Holy Spirit "brooding over" an icy abyss suggests to me the creation of light/photons. It's interesting that opposing atomic particles when collided are completely obliterated leaving only light. This suggests to me that "let there be light" is the origin of all things. The book of Job indicates that light is a language of God. I KNOW that light is a language. Considering the language in DNA, I can well believe that God's language in light is creative. It's illogical not to believe there was a first man created by a mind far, far beyond our ability.

  6. I have a friend who claims"christian" but holds many beliefs in direct opposition to Christ, homosexuality for example. Her church says the Bible is just a collection of writings of what the ancients THOUGHT about God and we know more (and better) now. When I see folks trying to explain why so much of the Bible DOESN'T mean what it says, it makes me think of her and her lost church. Like when she first explained their theology to me, I was like "then what do y'all need the Bible for" while I do think it's very possible that we're not to take every word strictly literally, I dont think its prudent to treat the Word as though it's completely malleable either. I understand the arguments for the flood not being worldwide but if it wasn't, then everytime a local area gets flooded, what does that do to the covenant God made with Noah? If the genealogies in the OT aren't concrete, what does that do the genealogy used to link Jesus, the lion of Judah, to Adam, the son of God? May God give us wisdom 🙏

  7. Did I hear him say “Neanderthal Brain Biology”? I’m no scientist but surely there’s no preserved Neanderthal brains lying around that they can study, am I wrong?

  8. I wonder if by keeping to his approach, instead of Neanderthal being a completely different creation, it was showing the difference between mankind before and after they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There possibly would have been no need for mankind to have developed the ability for technological advancement because everything was provided for them. Now after they ate and their eyes were opened, could have been the advancement of the technology and artistic era developing. They no longer had everything provided and would now have to labor for everything they needed. So, Neanderthal and Homosapien would be the same creation but different actions and brain development after the fall compared to before, just a thought.

  9. This 'Bable' book is backed up by absolutely no facts and no evidence for gods…!

    It is a 'historical Novel', It is not proof for any god(s)

    Historical novel: The fables are intertwined within historical places and people….


    Egypt and the Pharaohs existed,


    Moses did NOT exist,

    and the Exodus did not happen… !

    A 'global' flood never occurred on Earth!

    That David/Solomon are fables…!

    Jonah swallowed by a fish…..!

    'Burning bush'? Those 'fasting' shamans were hallucinating, and usually on the local drugs…

  10. Y'all, this is outright heresy! This guy clearly believes in evolution and an old earth. You can't possibly believe that Adam was created on the 6th literally day of creation and yet say that there were neanderthals or subhumans at some point in time. Y'all, those worldviews are in contradiction to one another. You can't say you believe in evolution and yet believe in the Biblical account of creation. Nowhere does the Bible teach evolution. Also, y'all shouldn't be asking, "What does, "science" say about this or that?" Y'all should be asking the question, "What does the Bible say?" Right? The Bible has to have the final word or anything goes.

  11. In the days of Noah, the sons of God married the daughters of men, it could be that Noah’s wife had some of that DNA and maybe that why her chromosomes dates even earlier…. Just a thought

  12. Human beings breed with Neanderthals. So if a human and Neanderthal had a child, does that child not poses the image of God? Many Europeans have Neanderthal ancestry. Is he making a eugenics argument that you have to have a certain blood purity purged of Neanderthal to have the image of god? This was a very messy conversation. He’s also wrong about the consensus of Neanderthal intelligence. It’s definitely debatable how smart they were, however they absolutely did have art and the capability to understand symbolism. They also cared for their sick and injured as seen by examples of amputee Neanderthals that were exceptionally old, and old Neanderthals with no teeth. Also, his argument about “stagnant” technology is also ridiculous. Different groups of Humans had VASTLY different levels of tech throughout history. The Native American for example when the Europeans arrived. With this line of logic, the Europeans would have been more “human” because of this which obviously isn’t true. This argument is riddled with absurdities and eugenics when brought to its logical conclusions.

  13. Consider having Michael Jones of the YT Channel "Inspiring Philosophy." Michael is an able defender of Theistic Evolution. Though I don't take his position, he speaks intelligently on the suject matter.

  14. Remnant… is there a point where you would, after providing a space for these kinds of conversations, that the clear biblical truth would be offered in push back to this outlandish view.
    For those that might not be well versed in the biblical truth these concepts could lead to their confusion!

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