Friday, September 22, 2023
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24 Hr Part 2: Dr Chaffee continues to field your questions

The world’s longest carnivore and keto conversation ever! Part 2
0:00 Straight into the 2nd hour and here are some of the bigger talking points…
0:46 Is decaf coffee any better than normal coffee?
16:30 Do I need to track macros
23:00 What about the lack of grains and fibre in the diet?
47:00 Kellog’s funding ‘nutrition studies’ Revealed
48:50 Richard’s LDL Cholesterol presentation
53:00 Carcinogens and plants

Richard Smith’s linktree

Richard Smith (the Keto Pro) and I recorded the first 24 hour livestream with a host of top guests. Including:
Dr Anthony Chaffee
Dr Robert Kiltz,
Judy Cho
Dr Shawn Baker
Dr Kevin Stock
Dr Sarah Zaldivar
Dr Sabrina Solt
Dr Rachel Brown
Dr Lisa Wiedeman
Dr Philip Ovadia
Coach Bronson
Natalie E West
Lillie Kane
Dr Philip Ovadia
Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and many more top influencers from the carnivore community!

This will be a series of over 23 episodes from the show

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2 thoughts on “24 Hr Part 2: Dr Chaffee continues to field your questions
  1. true…. you a a hero dr chaffe …. (lol regarding Kellogs 🙂 ) epic but true…… and qoute" oreios and herioine is plantbased so it should be ok" LMAO

  2. I don’t have a gallbladder and now I also lost my appendix, can you give me some tips on how I can continue carnivore without having diarrhea or constipation, thanks !

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