Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

A Formula For Improved Brain Function

In this episode, Eric dives into the fascinating realm of brain health and explores the cutting-edge research that is revolutionizing our understanding of the brain-body connection.

The field of neuroscience is rapidly advancing, and researchers from various disciplines are converging on similar conclusions that shed light on the intricate workings of our brain and overall well-being. Eric shares insights on the role of mitochondrial function and immune activation in conditions such as Alzheimer’s, mental health challenges, and cognitive decline. These findings hold immense promise for improving the lives of those facing such issues.

The formula “IA over e” (Innate Activation over Energy Production) serves as a valuable framework in understanding brain health. Eric explains how immune activation and mitochondrial function are intertwined, with mitochondria acting as a switch that regulates these processes. When the immune system is highly activated, energy production decreases, leading to cognitive challenges and overall dysfunction.

Excitingly, emerging research suggests that mitigating immune activation and enhancing mitochondrial functioning can have profound positive effects. Eric shares remarkable examples of experts utilizing interventions like the ketogenic diet to improve brain energy production, resulting in lasting improvements in mental health conditions.

Through this episode, Eric aims to raise awareness about the groundbreaking science unfolding in the field of brain health. He invites viewers to consider the potential impact of immune activation and energy production on the individuals they care for, encouraging them to explore strategies to calm immune responses and increase energy levels. By doing so, caregivers can play an instrumental role in promoting better outcomes and improved well-being.


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