Saturday, September 30, 2023

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8 thoughts on “DNA’s Gospel
  1. When they came up with the mRna in the jabs i started to think about Paul who said he had a messenger of Satan who buffet me. If you think the occult way the letter R is number 18 (6+6+6). God bless

  2. ❤🙏 thank you pastor Mike this is so interesting to me I feel like an outcast with this blood that I carry and I'm just about it I know it shouldn't bother me so much because I know the true blood comes from Acts 17KJV when Paul said every nation under one blood God makes us just as a potter forms his clay under his hands most people talk about the relationship I talk about I am the clay the Lord touches me ever so softly and leads me back to the fold and I stray I am interested and why I am so close to this King James Bible and the holy Ghost is so important to me as it is at the people and it should be because God does not mix his words and he means business but nobody will listen to what the holy Ghost says sometimes are most abdom nobody even knows because all these have the Bibles and I have studied them taken the holy Ghost out and replaced it with another spirit this is horrific and leading people to a different direction I had pasted on my door first John 5 from the King James Bible to make sure others know who God is who Jesus is I live in predominantly Catholic facility and people do drugs hard drugs all over the place in this institution or facility I am not a Catholic I come out of my mother's womb in Arab but my father seat is Puritan so I see many sides these things it's like a war with it myself that but it's okay God has a purpose or what is important together but I follow the King James it's most important from Antioch Syria thank you for your report and it's good, I do know, some Arabs received the holy Ghost and there are some Arabs that are Christian or follow Jesus this is good so we can't judge all Arabs on certain things that they follow even God created Muhammad unless his interesting too everybody's strays for sure and everyone is a sinner including me I'm nothing different I'm a woman and old blind woman in the 70 and thank God he is there for me, God bless all of you 🙏❤

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