Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Daniel Amen – STOP Damaging Your Brain with ADD, Anxiety & Depression by Doing THIS

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Bulletproof Your Brain from Anxiety & Depression
0:31 – 15% off Bon Charge’s Red Light Face Mask!
2:22 – Anxiety vs Depression – The Difference
3:47 – How to Protect Your Mind
4:50 – Be Careful What You Let Into Your Mind
5:58 – Get Physically Assessed
6:32 – Know Your Brain Type
8:45 – Supplements for Your Brain Type
10:17 – Saffron Benefits
11:00 – People Aren’t Willing to Make Lifestyle Changes
13:55 – With Action, Everything Else Will Follow
14:14 – The 3-Second Question
15:12 – Where to Find More of Dr. Amen’s Content


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47 thoughts on “Dr. Daniel Amen – STOP Damaging Your Brain with ADD, Anxiety & Depression by Doing THIS
  1. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and some of the symptoms I experience is depression, anxiety, and feeling of emptiness. I was on 3 antidepressants and was still experiencing the same symptoms! At the time I was overweight and found out I was even insulin resistant with a fatty liver. My blood work showed high triglycerides, cholesterol, deficiency in vitamin D and liver enzymes. I decided to make a huge change, starting lifting and walking 10k steps daily. Started taking vitamin D supplements and exposing my body to sun light. I lost +30 lbs, my symptoms are controlled now. I look back and ask myself why my psychiatrist never asked me about my diet and overall health before prescribing me with so many pills. It’s sad to see how the health system works. I suggest everyone experiencing any mental health to check your diet and lifestyle. Then decide if you really need medication! ❀

  2. I agree with everything, yet what he first said, and that's the idea of avoidance. That's not reality, as it's really shielding us from reality. We need to work on ourselves to be able to handle all kinds of people and information.

  3. Fasting is the best way to struggle with depression, and maybe the only one that really works. That is why I switched to keto, to be capable to fast long enough. Of course healthy diet, meditations, sport help as additional tools.

  4. 62 yrs old today… experienced this myself at approx 35 yrs old… turning off the News on TV was "self preservation" … intuitively … knew my brain could not fathom any more negativity… after about 2 years… didn't really matter…

    it's similar to the eastern philosophy questions – "what do you do before enlightenment? Answer= chop wood and carry water… what do you do after enlightenment? answer= chop wood and carry water."

    Mindful walking helps me today to stay in shape and mentally healthy… 4 miles= 10,000 steps. (according to Siri).

  5. I have social anxiety what's worse is i wasn't born with it i developed it 12 years ago, just want it to go away it's definitely ruined my everyday life just doing simple things is a challenge. 😊

  6. That mask is ridiculously expensive and backed with research that states it could or may work. Meaning, there is not research stating it does anything positive. I thought Thomas backs products that ARE backed by real research, not money makers.

  7. Psilocybin/psychedelic therapy is beneficial in relieving symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental health disorders. Psilocybin has also shown effectiveness at easing fear and anxiety.

  8. Two of the most knowledgeable health educators who get it! Thomas, I love the path your channel is taking by speaking with experts about the whole body/person instead of one component! Thank you!

  9. Thank you and Dr Amen for this excellente vidΓ©o, great discussion. What a chance you have to meet and discuss with such good professionals. Of course you deserve it

  10. My lifelong anxiety and depression disappeared completely when I started Keto four years ago; along with pre-diabetes, NAFLD, terrible headaches and other gealth issues… And in fact, I had started suffering from anxiety and depression when I was 11-12 yrs old, precisely at the time when I started putting on weight…

  11. Wonderfully presented. One of the biggest faux pas I realized while working in the medical field was how quickly most doctors are to prescribe meds without asking the root causes of the symptoms. After years of struggling with A/D, changing lifestyle, changingy profession and removing myself from toxic individuals has been far more effective than any medication I was on. One question I always ask myself is: Is this situation something I can control/solve within reason? If not, move on. It's been extremely helpful for getting me out of the worry spiral.

  12. You don't need to think that racism actually exists. If you stop eating junkfood and take the nutritional supplements Thomas sells you can stop being black.

  13. You gotta be an utterly fucking evil normaltrash to try and convince desperate people that if they eat what you tell them to their disability will magically dissapear, knowing full well that if these people stop taking the poorly developed but nonetheless essential medication they need to be able to live a somewhat endurable existence they will lose their income, home, and wife and children if they were lucky enough to have them as a consequence of their psychological disability.

  14. I could listen to you two for days. Such a holistic, educated, rational and practical discussion. I do consider both of you to be experts in the human condition. Of course, very educated yet, coming from a place of personal, anecdotal evidence based findings. Thomas, you are a fantastic conduit to disseminate this and having such a well respected guest as Dr. Amen is absolutely invaluable. This discussion is worth thousands of dollars and years of essentially worthless hope and money in search of helping me, help myself. Thank you.

  15. Thomas….I did not know you suffered from anxiety and depression….Benfotiame has helped me but I really struggle. Being alone doesn't help. 30 #'s overweight. I'd really like to hear more of your story and how you overcame the depression and anxiety.⚘

  16. You're a particularly disgusting evil normaltrash if you want to con desperate people into believing that their psychological disability will magically dissapear if they only eat certain foods and take the nutritional supplements you sell, knowing full well that if those people stop taking the poorly developed yet essential medication they need to be able to live a somewhat endurable life they stand to lose their income, their homes, and their wife and/or children if they are lucky enough to have them.

  17. Saffron!!!!!!!!! PLEASE address this. We need more scientific backup on this supplement.
    You are the perfect one to get this info out and make it πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜€better known.

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