Monday, September 25, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Deuterium: The cause of mitochondrial dysfunction? – Dr. Petra Davelaar


Official Video from Deutenomics Science Institute:

Deuterium exists in your body naturally. It is involved in growth, energy storage, and metabolism.

The big concern about deuterium is not its existence or presence, but rather its accumulation.

Too much deuterium it is a bad thing because it alters a lot of processes in your body.

Cancer and metabolic diseases are on the rise in the “developed” world. Deuterium accumulation is a prime suspect behind these and other modern “diseases of civilization.”

When you have high deuterium levels, it causes unhealthy growth like obesity and cancer proliferation.

Excessive deuterium changes three-dimensional structures in your body, creating misshapen proteins and lipids that don’t function properly.

Too much deuterium in your body also causes problems in mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cell.” If you can’t get enough energy to your cells, you will experience fatigue and related issues.

Pioneering studies have shown that lowering your deuterium levels can increase survival time in multiple types of cancer, slow or reverse tumor development, and even improve mood and mental health.

By understanding deuterium we can better understand why studies of the ketogenic diet have shown positive outcomes for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and neurological disorders, obesity, and more, and also why fasting is a useful practice for health and longevity.


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