Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr. Bhupesh Prusty’s Pre-print on the Root Causes of ME/CFS & LongCOVID- Part 1

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Hi, Remission Biome. So, I’ve read the Prusty preprint over a couple times now and I think maybe I’m ready to say a few words on it. Just a caveat here, Tess is much more familiar with this paper than I am and the science and has actually been in contact with the authors and so, and I have not. So, I was kind of like a clean read on this. I also didn’t go to the conference like she did. So, the Prusty paper is important and him hyping it in terms of a potential biomarker is interesting. And so, I think there’s a lot here and there’s a lot to unpack and probably over the next months and years, many people are going to do this and get into phenomenal detail. I have no doubt that interesting science is going to come from this. They’ve identified some really key features and potentially in the future treatments, as well. But, what I want to do is, I want to just kind of go through a couple yes nos probably questions here just really simply. So, you know, based on Prusty is ME/CFS and Long Covid mitochondrial dysfunction? I think the answer here is yes. They’ve showed some pretty clear evidence that there are dysfunctions in the architecture, so the structure as well as the function of mitochondria. So, when we think about ME/CFS, yes we need to think about neurological, endocrinological, immune but we also need to think mitochondrial dysfunction. So, the answer to the first question is mitochondrial dysfunction sort of at the root of all the problems in ME/CFS and Long Covid. It’s pretty deep down there. Yes, pretty close to the root. So, of course there had to have been a trigger though, right? A trigger for the mitochondrial dysfunction. Why did it start going off and we’ve been talking about multiple hits over the last couple of days.

But of course one of the most exciting things that the Prusty paper really kind of confirmed is that reactivated viruses are a really big deal. Reactivated Herpes viruses in particular seemed to be a really big deal. And they identified some really key proteins the dUTPases which seem to be a really big deal.

So, if we ask the question, well, is ME/CFS and Long Covid caused by a reactivation of latent viruses? Um, yes, probably. I think we’re definitely getting towards being able to answer this definitively and I imagine other viruses are going to come in here. You know it’s not only going to be limited to the SARS-COV viruses and reactivated herpes viruses. But, is it latent viruses? Yes, I think this is where we’re going with this.

So, this third question really revolves around to hold autoimmunity question and everyone’s always wondering . Well, is ME/CFS and Long Covid and autoimmune disease? Of course it’s not a primary immune disease. We’re not born with that, it would be a secondary immune disease. It would come about during the course of our life. The answer to this question I think, yes, probably. I mean the work by Carmen Scheibenbogen over the past couple years has shown pretty definitively that there are a lot of autoimmune features at work here. And I think we’re going to have to accept that yes, this is an autoimmune disease. Is this completely definitive yet? No, it’s getting really close as far as I’m concerned. And you know, especially when you think about using testing and to actually look at biomarkers and one of the main biomarkers that we would be looking at based on this paper is actually autoimmune responses. So, that’s pretty intriguing. Of course there’s lots of other really interesting things going on in this paper including women potentially being much more prone to very serious, quicker forms of the disease and it’s not limited to what I talked about today. But these three questions I think were kind of circulating in my mind. You know, is our Long Covid and ME/CFS mitochondrial disorders? Yes, they are. Are they at the root caused by latent and reactivated viruses? Yes, Ithink so. I think we’re going there. Are they autoimmune diseases? Yeah, I think we can make this one, this statement, as well. So, others will delve in here in a lot more detail and there’s a lot of interesting stuff to unpack. But I think really the important word here is “mitochondrial dysfunction” and as you go forward thinking about recovery and treatment and where this might go, mitochondrial dysfunction and correcting mitochondrial dysfunction is just an enormous part of managing the disease course of ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Well, I hope this was helpful and I hope you all have a really great day. Mine is incredibly excited. So, I’m really excited to get started on it. Okay, bye Remission Biome.


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