Friday, September 22, 2023
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Dr. Bhupesh Prusty’s Pre-print on the Root Causes of ME/CFS & LongCOVID- Part 3

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Hi, Remission Biome. Today we’re talking about the Prusty preprint. This is the third video in the series and in this one I really want to focus on what I think was kind of the clearest story here which actually is treatment-related and that we can actually all start to address even today.
So, I think really the bottom line here for ME/CFS and Long Covid is that we do need to think about these diseases as mitochondrial disorders, as mitochondrial dysfunction. And maybe reversing the mitochondrial dysfunction won’t be the cure and most likely it won’t be there’s something upstream of this and that’s the latent viruses. And something needs to happen with the immune system and viral reactivations to actually get the cure. But, I think this has some really important implications for management and sort of everyday treatment and even recovery to a certain extent. Maybe not complete, maybe not cure but severe to moderate, moderate to mild maybe. So, what is the suggestion?

Well, I think it’s mitochondrially related. So, you know the key pieces of the paper for me is that there were changes in the structure and the function of mitochondria. And we know that there’s mitochondrial treatments that can assist with those types of dysfunctions. Of course, the first is the mito cocktail we talk about it quite a bit and it’s this mix of creatine and carnitine and amino acids and alpha lipoic acid, L citrulline, L carnosine sometimes L-glutamine, you can throw in mitoq, you can throw in ubiquinol. The point is, is that we need to support the mitochondria. There is some sort of heavy hitting mitochondrial cocktail.

The second is that there are actually interesting relatively new treatments on the market for mitochondrial function. One of them is methylene blue and I did a post on this on Twitter just this past week. So, look up methylene blue and look look up the company Troscriptions .There’s some interesting suggestions there, as well. So, the third area is mitophagy and this is essential. Our body has to have a mechanism to clean up dead and dying cells that’s called autophagy and when it applies to mitochondria that’s called mitophagy. We know that mitochondrial dysfunction is very high in these conditions. We know that mitochondrial fragmentation is going on. So, the mitochondria are creating what we call a PAMP, a pathogen associated molecular pattern and we actually need to go in and upregulate mitophagy. So, using things like Urolithin-a which has been shown to upregulate mitophagy, might be very important. And then, another thing that we can do is we can use senolytics in general, so things like fisetin pulses.

There are also some intriguing ideas from the world’s of peptides in terms of upregulating mitochondrial function. And the mitochondrial peptide MOTS-C, M O T S with an S is quite interesting. There’s been some interesting papers showing performance enhancing effects using MOTS-C in athletes and it directly affects the mitochondria. So, this is another interesting avenue of something that’s actually available today that could actually be used, that could make a difference in terms of your mitochondrial function and your energy levels. But, I think the overwhelming treatment that we need to embrace here is rest. We know that when mitochondria are upregulated, it causes more fragmentation, more reactive oxygen species, more damage and pushing is actually the number one thing that you can do to damage yourself and your mitochondria in these conditions. And hitting this system when it’s already under so much stress from environmental pollutants and trauma and everything else that’s going on the environment, mold just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So, I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a really great day and think mitochondrial treatments, OK? I think this will be really helpful. Bye, Remission Biome.


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