Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Enhance Your Fasting Results With Iodine & Beware the Spike Protein

Today I’m joined by Sara Banta to discuss how you can enhance your intermittent fasting results with iodine, as well as why you should beware of the spike protein. We can’t live without iodine and there are a lot of myths surrounding it, which we’ll be debunking today. We’re also going to educate you about the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein and why it’s worth being educated about.

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“In the last three years, I believe nine out of ten people are not just hypothyroid, but they’re insulin resistant or pre-diabetic.” —Sara Banta


Sara Banta is a Health Coach, Integrative Medicine Expert, as well as a natural supplement expert and the founder of Accelerated Health Products, a company producing cutting-edge supplements and health products to guide you on your journey to health and wellness. Sara’s journey to health and wellness started when she wanted to solve her family’s health problems. She found that conventional medicine lacked many answers, so she took it upon herself to find alternative solutions.


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00:00:00 Sara Banta Introduction
00:02:38 Are there cons to fasting?
00:07:57 How does fasting work when traveling?
00:12:15 Does table salt contain microplastics?
00:13:28 How do I stop tiredness during intermittent fasting?
00:14:15 Is it OK to 24-hour fast every day?
00:16:03 Does flying cause radiation?
00:16:53 How to get the best results from 16:8 fasting?
00:19:26 What is the healthiest wild meat to eat?
00:22:08 Do farmers vaccinate chickens?
00:25:47 What is the process of apoptosis?
00:26:55 What is the spike protein?
00:35:04 How can I reset my liver naturally?
00:37:44 How do you get rid of kidney stones without treatment?
00:38:54 What happens if I take too much iodine?
00:41:22 Does iodized salt have plastic in it?
00:45:07 How much plastic is ingested each week by the typical American?
00:45:57 What is the risk of iodine allergy?
00:49:47 Can too much iodine raise TSH levels?
00:52:39 What is halogen toxicity?
00:55:52 Adenosine and its Role in ATP and Athletic Energy
01:01:46 Vitamin G!



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16 thoughts on “Enhance Your Fasting Results With Iodine & Beware the Spike Protein
  1. Is Spike protein is snake protein its snake venom and yes it replicates and yes it sheds off to other people all the research is there to prove that it was probably put in the so-called virus the Venom which you probably consume through your water and it was definitely in the shots they have all the research papers now to prove that and that's why you keep getting sicker and sicker itself replicates in your body you have to detox from that Venom in order to get it out of your system to get healthy again

  2. You like to say that decades proved solution Lugol is not good suplement for both forms of Iodine? Also decades proven form of magnesium for body is Magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

  3. Is there anything wrong with taking lugols iodine 2% 2 drops a day!? I’ve been doing that for a while now! I am in the uk and got it from Amazon! 🙏🏻🤞🏻thank you!

  4. Not only is she really pretty, she's really good!! So knowledgeable! Will definitely follow her on YT & IG. This was so good 👍👋 I'm interested in a couple of her supplements, but want to know if it's safe to use them when having just one working kidney and no gallbladder?! Pls advise if possible. Thanks so much for this awesome interview🥰

  5. Salt is an essential nutrient and you need it. Glad you touched on that fact. Funny that you're criticizing the pharma industry for selling stuff and then you're here selling stuff. News flash, everyone is making money on something. The fact that some people are making money isn't disqualifying their message. When you act as if just because and industry is making money that disproves what their doing. When I listen to you, you sound hypocritical.

  6. Very interesting related to the sulfur in foods. Work in long term care, emwas able to file exemption bfron jab but tested positive for the C three times. Zero symptoms but eggs tasted horrible for months after. Maybe my body was telling me not to eat them

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