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Exploring Carnivore Diet’s Influence on Metabolic Health & Cancer | Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Exploring Carnivore Diet’s Influence on Metabolic Health & Cancer | Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Medical Disclaimer: The content provided in this podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for any medical concerns or questions you may have.

This episode relates to health and thought I would post it on my main channel!

This episode I sit down with Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a neurosurgeon and longtime carnivore, for an eye-opening conversation on the benefits of a meat-based diet. He shares how nutritional research has been influenced by biased studies and religious beliefs, and discusses the weak association between red meat and cancer. He also delves into the physiological effects of carbohydrates on our metabolic system and the potential benefits of a ketogenic diet for hormone regulation and cancer management. His passion for neurosurgery and functional medicine shines through as he explores the powerful role of food as medicine and the impact of diet on our overall health. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of a carnivore diet and learn how it can unleash our true potential.

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0:00 – Intro
2:22 – Rapid fire questions
2:37 – Where did you grow up?
2:47 – Where do you live now?
3:04 – What’s one of your favorite books?
5:06 – What’s one of your superpowers?
6:56 – What is holding people back from finding success in their health?
8:16 – Dr. Anthony Chaffee’s Carnivore Journey
9:26 – Plants contain several carcinogenic compounds (Paper by Bruce Haynes)
15:52 – How did you find the transition from a whole foods diet to a pure carnivore diet?
17:52 – How do Artificial sweeteners impact you
19:47 – Why is carbohydrate elimination beneficial? How do carbs impact our bodies? PCOS in women (type 4 diabetes)
23:57 – How a ketogenic diet impacts our body
26:16 – Leptin and insulin signaling
28:44 – How fructose impacts our body (ghrelin, leptin, and insulin)
30:48 – Fructose is metabolized the same as alcohol and gives dopamine signals just like meth, cocaine, and heroin.
35:51 – Why fructose should be regulated
36:46 – Why vegan breast milk does not nourish the baby
40:51 – Is it okay to eat fruit in season or any at all?
42:57 – Oxalates above 150mg-200mg/day are damaging. 1 cup of spinach has 700mg
47:17 – Fruits today have higher sugar content
48:07 – Surviving ice age conditions with meat, not plants.
48:27 – Isn’t saturated fat bad for us?
54:27 – Red meat doesn’t cause colon cancer, the evidence is extremely weak.
56:53 – Blue zones studies
57:22 – Problems with epidemiological studies about meat
59:22 – How they decided that meat was bad
1:02:06 – Cancer is a Metabolic Disease (Dr. Thomas Seyfried)
1:03:02 – How cancer starts in our body and what drives it
1:05:22 – Role of mitochondria in cancer
1:11:22 – How a ketogenic diet increases chemo/radiation effectiveness
1:12:22 – Glioblastoma and Glutamine + Case Studies
1:21:22 – Are there any benefits to eating Broccoli?
1:25:22 – Maasai and Kikuyu 1930 nutritional study
1:27:22 – Plant Anti-Nutrients
1:30:22 – Sulfurophane toxicity
1:35:37 – What biomarkers should we observe to maintain health?
1:37:22 – B12 less than 400 can cause neurological damage + reference range
1:38:52 – Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Serum Thyroid Level (rT3), HDL, Triglycerides
1:43:16 – Why western medicine doesn’t care about these
1:45:22 – Main markers of metabolic health (fasting HbA1C, insulin, glucose)
1:47:48 – Optimal range for free testosterone (600-900)
1:50:17 – Insulin blocks human growth hormone
1:52:51 – Testosterone and estrogen for females
1:56:02 – Reverse T3, free T3
1:57:47 – How much does Dr. Chaffee spend on groceries?
2:00:42 – What does Dr. Anthony Chaffee eat in a day?
2:02:20 – How much meat should you eat in one sitting?
2:04:22 – Does Dr. Anthony Chaffee drink milk?
2:05:00 – Does Dr. Anthony Chaffee ever eat carbs or plants?
2:06:47 – Do you add salt to your steaks?
2:09:40 – Does Grain-fed vs Grass-fed beef matter? Do free-range vs commercial eggs matter?
2:11:20 – Does Dr. Anthony Chaffee take supplements?
2:13:35 – How should people transition to a carnivore diet?
2:17:33 – What is Dr. Anthony Chaffee’s vision for how he wants to practice in the future?
2:20:42 – What are 3 traits that make someone unstoppable?
2:24:37 – How can Dr. Anthony Chaffee be so productive? (Medicine, podcast, YouTube, etc)

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24 thoughts on “Exploring Carnivore Diet’s Influence on Metabolic Health & Cancer | Dr. Anthony Chaffee
  1. If you enjoyed this interview, please let me know in the comments and like this video! I'll try to interview more doctors in the future about this topic.

    The tribe study Dr. Chaffee referred to was: "Kikuyu-Maasai Nutrition and Colonial Science: The Orr and Gilks Study in Late 1920s Kenya

  2. Hey Thiago, I just wanted to let you know that geez is actually short for Jesus. But I would definitely want you to do interviews with more doctors, very helpful!

  3. Thiago, also, do you know if you would have to your beard at a certain length in residency or as a family doctor, because I really love beards and want to grow mine to its terminal length unless it's too long of course.😃

  4. “Plants are trying to kill you.”

    Eh… no. Many plants want you to eat them so you will spread their seeds. Both fruits and grains. Problem is you are breaking your part of the deal by shitting in toilets.

  5. carnivore is 100% horrible for you long term… just check your ApoB and especially ChronoMeter to see just how bad… this diet is killing people slowly…. better than SAD but still, FAR FAR from optimal

  6. Dr. Chaffee can you tell me what would make my Bun and Creatine to increase on Carnivore diet. It has went up since being on carnivore. One I think was dehydration as I did an infrared sauna the night before doing my labs. The second time I made sure I did not do this and also had been drinking more water and electrolytes. Please let me know what your thoughts are please.

  7. What do you do if you start shedding hair on the carnivore diet. I eat mostly beef, eggs and cheese. I’m lacking something… I’m eat until I’m full but can’t fit in much more

  8. Great interview, technical insightful and to the point. Great interview to share with individuals that are not familiar with the carnivore diet and or perhaps reluctant to learn about it

  9. Here’s an example of how much credibility you should give this guy: Chris Hemsworth played Thor. His brother Liam did not. Liam had a kidney stone that he blamed on his vegan diet.

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