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Methylene Blue – updated

I highly recommend CZTL Methylene Blue:

This video review of Methylene Blue as a nootropic is an update to the video I recorded several years ago on Methylene Blue.

In this video you’ll discover the nootropic benefits of Methylene Blue. Including why we use Methylene Blue as a nootropic, recommended dosage, side effects and clinical research.

Methylene Blue, a synthetic compound, is used as a nootropic to enhance memory, mood, and longevity.

It improves mitochondrial function and respiration in the brain, positively impacting memory and mood.

Methylene Blue shows promise in treating neurological disorders such as mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

And Methylene Blue acts as an antioxidant, increases brain cell lifespan, and positively affects neurotransmitters.

Some who use Methylene Blue report that when reading or studying, once you’re done, you should feel like you fully understand the subject material. And you’ll be able to use what you learned in the future.

Many neurohackers report the biggest nootropic effect they experience with Methylene Blue is “after the fact learning”. You take in the information. And it’s like your brain sorts through the material. Then stores it in a form you can easily access later.

This in-depth Methylene Blue review covers:

00:00​ Methylene Blue intro
01:34 Methylene Blue as a nootropic
03:03 How does Methylene Blue work in the brain?
06:21 Methylene Blue benefits
11:53 How does Methylene Blue feel?
12:21 Methylene Blue clinical studies & research
13:41 Methylene Blue may may reduce Alzheimer’s progression
15:12 Methylene Blue improves memory & reduces fear
16:35 Methylene Blue helps Bipolar Disorder
17:36 Methylene Blue recommended dosage
19:00 Methylene Blue potential drug interactions & side effects
20:15 Reduce the risk of Serotonin Syndrome
20:55 Where to buy Methylene Blue
22:26 Secrets of the Optimized Brain – free download
22:41 Head First – 2nd Edition

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I highly recommend CZTL Methylene Blue:

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33 thoughts on “Methylene Blue – updated
  1. Helps greatly with menopause night sweats i was having them 6 to 7 nights per week since ive been taking mb i havent had night sweats at all in over a month and my cycle seems to be coming back

  2. Excellent – I started taking methylene blue shortly after I watched your first program on it. I appreciate all of the corroborating data – the bottom line is that it works. Dosage info was particularly helpful, I think I'll check into the powdered form, as well. Thanks!

  3. => NootropicsExpert <= How many supplements cause increased Serotonin .. Their are dozens of supplements & even foods which increase Serotonin .. I would never recommend Methylene Blue unless you provide a list of foods & supplements to avoid ..

  4. Hi David. Thank you fir all. the great advice and content 😊

    Is it mcgs per kilo of body weight or mgs per kilo of body weight?

  5. on interactions, would also consider tramadol. although its considered a pain medication it acts as an ssri and also promotes additional serotonin. personally it worked great for long covid which appears like ME to be at least partly a mitochondrial problem. Sunlight and near infra red also amazing for mitochondrial dysfunction

  6. Sounds like a very valid nootropic. Does it really turn your urine blue? If so, how long does this last when a person terminates useage. Love your videos and information, well done, very educational.

  7. Don't eat cloves with methylene blue, not that most people would do that but I had been eating cloves before. Then I got mb and by the time I worked up to 12 drops in a days (or .6 of a serving, I became very tired and spiraled into depression which I am recovering from.

  8. This is so detailed I’ll have to listen again and again
    Thank you
    Did I hear you correctly say that you shouldn’t take it if you’re taking L- Citruline?

  9. I Love MB – been taking it for 2 years (50mg 2xday in my own capsules which is below the dosage for my 175 lbs)) and the one supplement I can really tell that helps me with clarity and definitely my energy level. I just turned 70 and going strong. The only thing is my doctor is trying to determine why my hemoglobin and Red blood cells are below normal. I then read under MB one side affect was reduction of red blood cells on Nootropics website and in David's new book and actually he says so in the video. I wonder HOW it affects red blood cells?.
    I'm not saying MB is the cause. I actually feel great and with low blood cells and low hemogobin you are supposed to feel fatigued but I don't at all.

  10. Can dogs have mb? Everything on line says they can’t but then I don’t understand why not if it’s tested on animals !? Thank you

  11. Interesting video! My 5 key takeaways:
    – Methylene blue is a nootropic supplement used to enhance memory, mood, and longevity, and it improves mitochondrial function and brain respiration.
    – It shows promise in treating neurological disorders suchas mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer, and Parkinson.
    – Methylene blue acts as an antioxidant, increasing brain cell lifespan + affecting serotonin and norepinephrine levels to help with anxiety, depression, and memory.
    – First synthesized in 1876 as an aniline-based dye for cotton staining, later discovered to have unique properties in selectively targeting diseased tissues in the body.
    – Methylene blue is currently being studied for various therapeutic applications, including mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson and as a potential anti-aging agent

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