Saturday, September 30, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The Great Evolution Debate | Dr. Dino VS. Preston || Is There Evidence for Evolution?

EPIC debate on evolution, the age of the earth, and the Flood!

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We believe that the Bible is true & can be put to the test for validity. We obviously know that the Bible has parables, allegories, poems, laws, short stories, genealogy, proverbs, sermons, prayers, prophecy, proverbial text, epistles, etc. But most importantly history. What we do is test the history spoken of in the Bible with science & let the evidence speak for itself. We discovered that the evidence is in favor of Creation which just so happens to falsify evolution theory. This is why they know we are a threat & must remove Creation science from the education system at any cost.

Evolution theory is nothing but an attempt to rule out God that mixes truth with lies. Hutton’s Book “Theory of the Earth” was published in 1795, it was designed to make the population doubt the Earth was 6,000 years old. Then Lyell’s (a lawyer) book “Principles of Geology” published in 1830, was designed to make the population doubt the Flood. Even in his words, it was to “rid the science of Moses”. Then in 1859 Darwin’s book “Origin of Species” was published which made people doubt Creation. Darwin said He murdered God. He used a step by step process to use secularism as the new religion.

I once believed in Evolution like most, but after I really began to uncover the evidence all that changed. Now I am here to unveil the deception we were all told was the truth. Let me give you a few examples of how the theory has already been falsified yet remains.

Head to Head Comparison
Genetic similarity vs No genetic similarity
Creation ✅Evolution ❌
Fast Mutation rates vs Slow Mutation rates over Deep Time
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Few mutations in Mitochondria vs Mitochondrial Mutation Saturation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid diversification via Punctuated Equilibrium vs Slow Deep time Gradualism
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Global Bottleneck Founder effect vs Evolutionary no bottleneck
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Genomic decay and loss vs Evolutionary Genome Increase
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Genetic boundaries vs Evolution no restrictions
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Taxonomically restricted DNA elements vs Evolutionary non-restricted differences
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
No Junk DNA vs Junk DNA
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
All one people vs Different Races
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Human/Chimp – Different chromosome numbers vs Same number of chromosomes
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
No Chromosome Fusion vs Chromosome Fusion
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Expect to find pre-flood creatures alive (Living fossils) vs Nothing ancient living
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Designed functional different anatomy Vs evolutionary remnant degenerate vestigial body parts
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid speciation vs Slow Gradual speciation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Disease Increase vs Disease Decrease
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Grass before dinosaurs vs Grass After dinosaurs
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
A single supercontinent vs Continents and oceans were permanently fixed features.
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Plate tectonics vs Continental Fixation
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Rapid Plate subduction vs Slow uniformitarianism subduction
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Dinosaur Soft Tissue vs No biological material
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
KT Boundary from volcanism vs KT boundary from Meteor Impact
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Original Ocean Freshwater vs Ocean came to earth from comets
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
Neanderthals totally human vs Neanderthals a different species, primitive
Creation ✅ Evolution ❌
The list goes on and on and on


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15 thoughts on “The Great Evolution Debate | Dr. Dino VS. Preston || Is There Evidence for Evolution?
  1. All the theoretical masturbation evolution plays with cannot counteract the fact THAT SPECIATION DOPESN'T HAPPEN, thats a lie.
    Because as much as you can argue that genetic selection will determine the survival of that phenotype, but it stops there.
    For speciation you need chromosomal mutation and a level of odds that make that mutation appear in the same spot for enough individual ti kick start a species.
    Fro you need a multiple of 4, in the case of humans that have no physical attributes to defend themselves even if those impossible odds appeared, our new species would be eaten sooner or later.
    Plus I don't know about the age of the earth, but what I know is that everything is working like clockworks, and yes you can tell that if you understand the flat earth model that makes more sense than the cosmogonic balls we have been fed with for the last 400 years or so.
    Here is one of the arguments I am having on a nother threatd, as you will notice I am way more radical than you creationists, that might actually be wrong not on what it is written in the bible but about who says it, but that's another conversation:
    Highlighted reply
    7 hours ago (edited)
    @thewizardsofthezoo5376 Haha. You're arguing that the Bible is more rational than the scientific method?
    A bunch of stories written by primitive men with no concept of natural phenomena, or much else.

    29 minutes ago (edited)
    @v10ramTony Of post-Einsteinian Theoretical Physics certainly but that's the easy one, more than astronomy also and that's even easier, and without a doubt more than Vectorised Agrocobacterium Tumefacens with a train of random DNA sequences.
    Now point being, I never spoke about the BIBLE, I was talking about FAITH, but now that you mention it, yes the bible reveals more than all the sciences mentioned above put together, that are themselves revealing the "masterpiece" belonging to the father of all lies disguised as the truth.
    The trick is having intelligent people like you thinking the bible doesn't mean anything and science means everything when the opposite is true.
    Also it's not difficult, for faith you need to ask god, as for the bible you can indeed ask me, and you'll be surprised of what you don't know you don't know, if all you know is a cocktail of the usual bible belt preaching and Ricky Gervaise with a Zest of Hawkinses.

  2. First of all, we should not classify Evolution as a theory, since it was never elevated from hypothesis to theory. On the other hand, the foundations of the evolution hypothesis are linked to events in the cosmos, things that with James Webb have been eradicated. We know that among the fossils, there is no evidence of transition from one animal becoming another, on the contrary, animals and even fish show adaptation to which is part of the genetic makeup ande not evolution.

  3. Preston unfortunately equates science with evolutionary theory. One thing i will say positive about Preston is he is a very nice guy for an atheist!

  4. Preston said evolution "designed" it by accident. Design implies a designer. Obviously we see these supposed accidental designs everywhere in nature. What would the mathematical probability of the millions of examples of this be?

  5. Look at the heart, 4 chambers with a one-way valve that seperates each chamber. When blood enters the chamber, that chamber contracts and the valve closes so the blood cannot go back out, then the contraction squeezes the blood to the next chamber, and so on. It's a pump with one way valves. ATP synthase is an electrical motor with a shaft connected to it, the bottom of the shaft spins inside a stator at the bottom which produces ATP. DNA is a digital code more advanced than any computer code known to man, with machines that read the code and build protein according to the instructions, then the protein folds itself to the right shape, depending on the amino acid sequence. We have a brain in our skull that functions like a computer. The bacterium flagellum is designed like an outboard motor that spins 100,000 rpms, with a forward and reverse, water cooler engine, rotor, stator, universal joint, propeller, bushings, etc. If you can believe those things formed by chance with no intelligent mind that designed it, you need to go see a psychologist!!!

  6. Analogous structures, if a design is brought to bring about it an effect then the structure is a consequence of fashion. Fashion does not dictate Nor define the design of a structure.

  7. Preston, the genome is the most complex code ever to exist! It contains information that must come from a mind according to the "Law of Information" in computer science! This law disproves evolution!

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