Monday, September 25, 2023
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SLOW DOWN Ageing (without the BS)

🔬 Unlocking the Secrets of Age Reversal! 🌟 Discover the ground-breaking research and cutting-edge science behind reversing the effects of aging in this mind-blowing video. Join me as I dive deep into the fascinating world of anti-aging technology, exploring the latest breakthroughs and potential solutions. 💪💫

In this captivating video, we’ll explore the science of aging and how it impacts our bodies. From telomeres to cellular regeneration, we’ll unravel the mysteries of aging and uncover the possibilities of turning back the clock. ⏳⚛️

💡 Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the most promising strategies for age reversal. Learn how these innovative approaches have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of aging and extend our health span. 🧬🔬

🔎 Discover the latest studies and experiments that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and explore the ethical considerations and challenges involved in reversing aging. We’ll explore the potential implications for longevity, healthcare, and society as a whole. 🌍💭

💫 Join the conversation and share your thoughts on age reversal in the comments below! Let’s dive into this fascinating topic together and discuss the possibilities of a future where aging becomes optional. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening journey that could change the way we think about time and life itself. ⏰🌱

🎥 Watch now to unlock the secrets of reversing aging and discover a world where age truly becomes just a number! Subscribe to our channel for more captivating videos on the frontiers of science and human potential. #AgeReversal #AntiAging #Longevity #Science #Innovation 🧪🔬💡

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22 thoughts on “SLOW DOWN Ageing (without the BS)
  1. I feel 10 years younger already just by watching this video! If I watch it 2 more time my Mrs. won't recognise me.😁👍💪

  2. Solid advice💪 far more indicated than the pill popping/ sarcopenia diet peddled by David Sinclair and his reductionist peers. They seem to have a foundation where lifespan and health span are diametrically opposed. No use in living to 120 when you need assistance getting off the toilet.

  3. Do you believe at all in skincare? Do you use tallow or another type of fat for the skin? Do you think thats needed if someone produces a decent amount of oil on their skin still? Also, I still get dandruff under my head hair and beard on carnivore. Yes, sunlight helps eliminate it but only with buzz cut length hair where i feel my skin get sun.

  4. Jonathan would you consider making a definitive guide on indoor grounding please? Maybe covering things such as a foolproof setup, grounding rod vs "dirty" electricity from a power outlet, and how to use a multimeter for tech illiterate people like myself.

  5. Most people I’ve known in real life that have lost significant weight have always ended up looking much older to me, and sometimes look a lot worse for it. Knowing this, once I realised I was shedding off body fat quickly, I was worried how it might age me looks wise as my former fat self had the benefit of that fat plumping out my face so wasn’t getting the wrinkles my contemporaries were gaining as we entered our 40’s. Those fears vanished when someone I only see once a year immediately remarked “wow, you look 10 years younger what on earth are you doing, just eating fruits and seeds or something?” 🥩 🍳 💪 😎
    I keep getting people remark how healthy I look, and yet I’m burdened with a chronic disease that many people find destroyed their collagen and left them looking terrible.
    I think a lot of people look bad because they effectively starve themselves thin and lack all the important nutrition. On carnivore, you eat yourself thin and reap all the rewards from all that goodness within our food.

  6. I’ve found my ability to guess other people’s age has become increasingly more inaccurate the more I’ve been exposed to both carnivore and vegan influencers online this last few years. One group seems to be aging backwards becoming stronger, healthier, vibrant and youthful. The other group looks to be throwing their youth, health, looks and joy straight down the toilet. I find myself now questioning if a person is either a 59 year old carnivore or a 31 year old vegan.

  7. Great video, Jonathan! Thank you for sharing these excellent tips. I'm in the process of reassessing my skin care products and replacing some items with beef tallow.

  8. Yet Again

    Outstanding info and presentation

    Factual and easy to take notes and follow

    Love this format like I said before🙂

    All the time you spend putting this together.

    The Reward

    It will SAVE lives!

  9. Thanks to your info. They are all very helpful and better than any doctor will tell us.
    To ADD : Sugar, Glycation makes us age FASTER. So eating a LOT of Fruits or FRUCTOSE per se is perhaps not the best idea. Those creams won't work if we eat too much sweets.
    Moderation is key. Secondly, eating TOO MUCH GREENS, like spinach that are extremely high in OXALATES lead to a bunch of Kidney stones and kidney issues. DYOR and see why media doesn't talk about it. Visit the Kidney institute and check cases on OXALATES causing illnesses of athletes – green smoothies?
    Lastly, I'm 60, Keto diet and too much protein isn't good for my organs too. At my age, my kidneys would need to run a marathon to digest each day when I eat meat everyday or even every other day. Moderation and adjustment of lifestyle is needed. It's like SEASON. There's a time for everything.

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