Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Treating cancer as a metabolic disease || Dr. Thomas Seyfried

#Cancer #Medicine #Metabolism Dr. Thomas Seyfried approaches cancer as a metabolic issue with cellular function. He wrote “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.”


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14 thoughts on “Treating cancer as a metabolic disease || Dr. Thomas Seyfried
  1. Not a fan of pseudoscience. This is same as Covid crap (masks, injections etc) – not backed up by science yet sold to patients as panacea. And don’t even start me on the futility and cruelty of animal experimentation. (Nonetheless hope the comment will help you grow your channel 🙂😉 I’m a big fan of yours)

  2. Okay but some of the healthier people I've known have died from brain, breast, and colon cancer. Not obese, fairly healthy eaters and exercisers. How does this fit in?

  3. Ive NEVER thought of Cancer as a genetic disease, not even as a small child. I only ever thought genes increase your chances of getting certain cancers, not that genes cause cancer. Thats stupid

    I don't think its a metabolic disease either, other than your metabolism deciding how fast and efficiently cells split

    Anything that causes your cells to try and repair damage can have a chance of causing cancer. Cancer is a result of the hayflick limit, the inability to have the materials needed to keep dividing. Imo as a non expert. More energy causing more cancer does just make logical sense though

  4. ~27:18 including diet soft drinks? Those are the ones where they usually use fricking aspartame instead of sugar. Read the ingredients list to see for yourself. Sugar's bad enough, sure, at least the industrial version. But if I can't resist the urge any longer, I'll take "just" sugar over aspartame every time.

  5. ~31:33 Coke being that cheap almost makes you kinda sorta wonder if there might maybe possibly be a deliberate attempt to make sure even the people with the lowest salaries will still pump that stuff into their bodies every day of the week.

    I know I used to do that for decades as a low-incomer, and the fact that I can still climb and do other sports after all of that might just make me believe in God again.

    …sadly, my personal anectodal case does kinda call into question what is presented here a little bit. Then again, I do have various chronic pain areas in my body, plus I can only speculate on whether would still be alive today had it not been for me somewhat adopting my wife's much healthier dietary habits.

  6. I'm starting chemo in August, 4 months worth and then a stem cell transplant (my own cells). This is my second treatment, my first treatment gave me 6 years of no symptoms with no other maintenance drugs. I was 60 years old with no other co morbidities, now i am 66 years old, I'll stick with proven treatments and another 6 years of life. Part of my 14th chromosome has attached it self to my 16th chromosome, causing excessive protein production, resulting in renal failure. Ps. I have no tumors, its a blood cancer called multiple myeloma igm, 100% fatal, not one single survivour. My only long term side effect is lack of energy.

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