Friday, September 29, 2023
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Georgi Dinkov and I Discuss Weight Problems | Insulin Resistance

Today I talk with Georgi Dinkov about why we get fat and how come the weight may not be coming off.


00:32 Vitamin A/Copper Toxicity
4:21 Cortisol and Insulin Resistance
12:53 What Long Term Obesity does to your HEALTH
26:40 Best way to Exercise
31:17 How Much PROTEIN
47:49 Randle Cycle
56:00 Cortisol Cliff Notes
1:08:00 Glyphosates
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I made a channel to show you how carbohydrates make people skinny. After Getting OBESE on a KETO DIET I have lost 138 pounds eating mostly carbs and plan on losing a lot more. Join me on my journey that will also help you on yours.

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46 thoughts on “Georgi Dinkov and I Discuss Weight Problems | Insulin Resistance
  1. Maybe consider a conversation with Dr. Bill Schindler. He’s a food archeologist/anthropologist. He clearly illustrates the importance for humans to process their food properly from the course of our evolution.

  2. I'm getting kinda skeptical with all these scientific studies that georgi is talking about he even mentions Wikipedia as a source. We don't really see these studies in real life. At least with mcdougall he uses real life cases. When he talks about the Asians and when he use to work for a plantation in Hawaii.

  3. are you willing to send in a hair sample? i would do anything. are you willing to test your postprandial glucose? i would never in a million years do that.

  4. I think people are searching for a utopia where they can eat to their fill and yet maintain or lose weight. Consuming large quantities of sugar will lead to storage of some glycogen and mostly fat.

  5. Everyone loves Dinkov. Great discussion. Brad's messing w/ low fat high carb at the moment, by the way, Ryan: Hope you have him back on soon.

  6. love the information. so contrary to much of what we have been taught. we need to have these health myths busted! thank you for these wonderful interviews. the only feedback is i wish georgi would talk a bit slower…hard for me to understand at times.

  7. A meal of mangos has 100% plus daily value of vitamin A and E. We recently had Nam Doc Mai mangoes at our local health food store and they were FIRE. Sooo good. Took me back to Thailand. Unfortunately only available a couple weeks. And now the Champagne mangoes taste blahhh.

  8. Wait… what about soft leafy greens like romaine, butter, green leaf, red leaf? My skin always looks so much better when I add greens to my smoothies. I don’t eat spinach. I eat cooked kale on occasion.

  9. Wow. Great interview. Ive been listening to georgi for years….he knocked it out of the park with this one… especially his explanation on how to excrete glyphossate…. Thnx !

  10. Okay, this is interesting as someone who is thin (through effort and starving) but who struggles with both hypoglycemia and diabetes (major blood sugar stabilizing issues) along with water retention issues AND I have too much androstenedione. I was put on Spironolactone many years ago due to my too high male hormones issue, but I had to quit it due to side effects (of course). I bled nonstop…for months. It sounds like my cortisol is definitely effed up. Also, my DHEA was crazy high years ago. My level was over 1,000 but normal is about 300. The good news is that DHEA is a youth hormone. The bad news for women is that it's male hormone connected. Internal ultrasounds years ago showed I had cysts on my left Fallopian tube and ovary. ALL of this crap is connected.

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