Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Benefits of Taurine And Where To Get It | Dr. Shawn Baker & Harry Serpanos

Harry’s background is in IT & Cartography. He’s an Australian carnivore and covers a number of subject matters on his YouTube channel.

Harry’ YouTube handle: @HarrySerpanos

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:01:54 Heart scare leads to health-consciousness.
00:04:31 Centenarian genes, accident-surviving father defies odds.
00:10:23 Confusing research led to dietary changes for health.
00:17:33 Taurine in energy drinks can have effects.
00:21:42 Taurine dose depends on individual needs.
00:26:35 Debunking reductionist arguments against carnivore diet.
00:36:17 Coronary vessel damage, animal foods, lung scan, seed oil consumption.
00:41:33 Industrial seed oils potential risks.
00:50:02 Where to find Harry.

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21 thoughts on “Benefits of Taurine And Where To Get It | Dr. Shawn Baker & Harry Serpanos
  1. I'd like to thank Shawn for inviting me on Revero to discuss my past health issue, what insights I've gleaned and my journey towards carnivory and health. Thank Shawn.

  2. My only concern is if Taurine lowers evening cortisol and helps most people sleep better, what about those of us who already struggle with low cortisol and to produce adequate amounts when over stressed and sometimes even in the evening? I would be interested in a discussion about this. Perhaps Taurine is more of a cortisol modulator?

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