Thursday, September 21, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Weight Gain is NOT Caused By Excess Energy

In this clip from episode 87 of The Energy Balance Podcast, Jay and Mike discuss a study that explains why weight gain and obesity are not caused by excess energy. Rather, obesity is a state of an energy deficiency where inhibited mitochondrial respiration causes substrate to be stored as fat. Jay and Mike further discuss why the conflation of calories and energy and the idea that weight gain is caused by excess calories (or energy) are some of the most harmful misconceptions in nutrition and health science.

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6 thoughts on “Weight Gain is NOT Caused By Excess Energy
  1. Thanks you for your video, I have enjoyed listening to it, as always.
    Could you please make a video about postmenopausal female issues, hormones sugar regulations.
    I have basicaly no female hormones due to total hysterectomy, still suffering hot flashes and night sweats @60, insomnia. Cannot sleep without benadryl.
    I do not consume pufa, eat lot of fruit etc., never took hrt.
    Eating healthy, not overweight .

  2. Along these same lines, have you guys previously discussed the role thiamine plays in all of this? As I think it's quite a large factor when it comes to the utilisation of energy yet it's so depleted in modern diets, and can even lead to issues still upon switching to a whole food diet unless you accompany it with thiamine supplementation, unlike most other nutrients that you should be pretty good for so long as you're eating the right foods. Obviously everyone's different but it seems to be surprisingly common, I personally have had great success with it. Just curious.

  3. So is this how people like FreeLee & co can eat a tonne of calories from sugar and still remain super lean? They must have super a efficient calorie to atp conversion rate.

  4. I did carnivore with fruit mainly bananas and occasional orange juice. Raw milk and it caused digestive problems. Not sleeping at night. Itchy skin. It was horrible.I start incorporating some rice, sourdough bread. I may bring some oatmeal back. Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut. Raw carot and i see how i feel.

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