Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

The key to a healthy life are healthy mitochondria #shorts

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If you’ve ever eaten a meal and you immediately felt like you gained £5 from it it’s probably because you have a slow metabolism Here’s how you can boost it Slower fast metabolism largely depends on your genetics but you can boost it naturally First off think of your mitochondria as what gives your body energy and you need to support it Number one is avoid all pufas or what’s called seed oil is like canola oil vegetable oil sunflower oil These oils were made only 30 years ago and now today they’re in every single processed food you can find Seed oils are highly inflammatory which cause oxidative stress to your mitochondria and is what slows your metabolism Number two is start eating more saturated fats that have been around for thousands of years like butter tallow olive oil coconut oil People like to say saturated fats are bad for you but they’re actually the number one thing that will boost your metabolism Number three is getting the sun every single day and stop using sunscreen Vitamin D is crucial for energy production and mitochondria And the last thing is as do some form of exercise throughout the week It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights your walking or your sprinting


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