Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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#56 – Muscle plasticity, aging and exercise with Dr Benjamin Miller

Dr Glenn McConell chats with Professor Benjamin Miller from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) who is an expert on muscle proteostasis /plasticity in response to exercise and aging. He has evidence that muscle atrophy with aging may be due more to increased protein breakdown than reduced protein synthesis. He also has found that the top diabetes drug metformin can impair some of the benefits of exercise.

0:00. Introduction and Benjamin’s current employment etc
6:09. Benjamin’s early background in exercise and science
8:05. Healthspan vs lifespan. Can extend lifespan?
13:12. Metformin can impair some of the benefits of exercise
20:15. Metformin and healthspan/lifespan
23:05. Prescribing metformin to diabetics before diet/exercise
25:20. Drugs aren’t as good as exercise for healthspan
27:20. Proteostasis (protein homeostasis)
29:20. Muscle atrophy with aging: mainly due to protein breakdown?
36:40. Muscle fibers have many nuclei
39:00. Muscle nucleus DNA duplication 42:30. Satellite cells not so important for myonuclei?
45:45. Benjamin’s tracer study methods using D2O
49:50. Myonuclear domain, weight training, muscle memory
52:02. Mechanisms of acute atrophy vs aging
54:25. Mitochondria interactions with proteostasis
57:30. Aging drugs and interactions with exercise
59:40. Statins, exercise and muscle
1:00:20. Exercise better than drugs for healthspan
1:00:40. Lactate infusions during exercise
1:04:20. Lactate, exercise and cognitive function.
1:05:20. Tendon collagen synthesis and turnover (and exercise)
1:13:15. Muscle nuclei can migrate to damaged area
1:13:57. Takeaway messages
1:16:58. Outro (9 seconds)

Inside Exercise brings to you the who’s who of research in exercise metabolism, exercise physiology and exercise’s effects on health. With scientific rigor, these researchers discuss popular exercise topics while providing practical strategies for all.

The interviewer, Emeritus Professor Glenn McConell, has an international research profile following 30 years of Exercise Metabolism research experience while at The University of Melbourne, Ball State University, Monash University, the University of Copenhagen and Victoria University.

He has published over 120 peer reviewed journal articles and recently edited an Exercise Metabolism eBook written by world experts on 17 different topics (https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-94305-9).

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3 thoughts on “#56 – Muscle plasticity, aging and exercise with Dr Benjamin Miller
  1. Thoroughly enjoyed while I was RT with dumbbells at home. The good feelings I get exercising, moving my muscles and mitigating sarcopenia is I believe essential to mental physical wellbeing. David Sinclair promotes metformin and with the rage on this drug for overweight, anti ageing I wonder where society will end up. Ubiquinol is another promoted pill for fatigue, mitochondria especially midlife. Great to hear exercise is prioritized. Thk for interesting discussion.

  2. Thank you again, Dr McConell. I want to add: the sound quality is really good on this: balanced. Your views and your guests' are important to us. We listen closely to your chats.

  3. I have heard the same thing regarding metformin. I exercise everyday. Make it a habit, the best drug out there. You will save a lot of $$ in the short and long run.

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