Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Clinical Application of Methylene Blue

When mitochondria are dysfunctional, they do not produce the energy the body needs for daily functions, and the oxidative stress created signals inflammatory processes that further reduce optimal health and wellness. Methylene Blue has the unique action to restore mitochondrial function, reduce oxidative burden, while promoting nitric oxide production, and improving neurotransmitter function. Recent studies have indicated MB may help with neurocognitive issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, Post-Covid ailments, assist in Anti-Aging protocols, Lyme Disease, depression, oral mouth pain, and wound healing. The quality and purity of MB must be considered before adding MB to your health regimen.


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11 thoughts on “Clinical Application of Methylene Blue
  1. So why don't we have this functionality in our normal diet? Meaning, the functions the body is assisted by on account of methelene blue, why can't the body accomplish these improvements/efficiencies/effects through natural foods instead of factory/lab derived chemistry? Why should we make ourselves reliant on chemical laboratories just to maintain a health condition in our body?

  2. The only thing blue urine seems to be proof of is that too much of the MB is NOT turning antioxidant. i.e. if the urine is blue, the MB didn't go to use. Especially if we're saying that it looses it's color once it's had it's positive effect.

  3. Started using 10 mg per day ( 20 drops) 3 days ago. No problems. I feel calmer. This presentation is the best I have viewed. Very informative. Seen this video 3 times. Purchased methylene blue on Amazon, pharmacy grade.

  4. I bought powder from CZTL that is advertsed as pharmaceutically pure. They recommend 1/2 ML per kg of body weight… with a 1% solution. But even at the 0.1% solution, I get long-lasting blue urine.

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