Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Optimizing Mitochondrial Health – Part 2

Dr. Jon Kaiser is a mitochondrial specialist with over thirty years of clinical and research experience in boosting mitochondrial functioning. He applies a functional medicine approach to the treatment of complex medical conditions including HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia and Long Covid. Dr. Kaiser began his medical career as an HIV/AIDS specialist in San Francisco at the height of the AIDS epidemic. He is on the clinical faculty at UCSF medical school in San Francisco.

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Improving Mitochondrial Health Video Series

Part 1 – What are mitochondria? Do they degrade during aging? How can I improve mitochondrial function?

Part 2 – What is the key combination of micronutrients that can improve mitochondrial functioning? What led to this discovery?


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3 thoughts on “Optimizing Mitochondrial Health – Part 2
  1. I remember taking AZT in the late 80”s: 2 pills every 4 hours around the clock. I still have your book “Healing HIV: How to Rebuild Your Immune System .Thank you for making these videos Dr. Kaiser! I look forward to watching them all.

  2. Thank you Dr. Kaiser! Nice overview! What's great about it is that you're generous with your knowledge and providing people like me a foundation of basics first. Now I'm Gonna look into some of those supplements.

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